Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday Night Fishn' ?!?!?

That's right fishn'! I'm on holidays. Or as I like to refer to it... Harley-less days.

Ahhhh... the calm serenity of the lake. The only tension sensitive dial I have to be concerned with is the drag on my fishing reel, not the Death Dial on my bike.

Dropping a line in the water. A cork handled, medium graphite rod and Shimano reel - my weapon of choice. It's unbeknownst to me what species of fish may lurk below... or which scaly cartilaginous will like my lure.

Hopefully it's this guy. But hey, that's why they call it fishn' and not catchin'. A little oil in the pan and I'm ready for a shore lunch. Hmmm, that reminds me of the last post in which I mentioned oil. It was when I fixed my blown front rocker gasket.

I have to stop thinking about riding, I'm on vacation. Now, my drive out to the cabin was non eventful.

Eight hours of Motörhead. Sweet!

Sunflower seeds,

and coffee.

A Lotta' coffee.

However, during my trek I did spot a number of bikes. All makes and models (but primarily H-D) heading south-east.

Given the date of my annual trip to the cottage, I seem to hit packs of bikers, I presume heading to Sturgis. Wish I was goin' with em'.

I tried to snap a few pics but it's all but futile while travelling on the highway.

When the fish aren't biting I've got some time to catch up on my readin'. I picked up the latest issue of The Horse BSC mag.

The summer editions are usually the best because they cover so many big bike events. From the 'Smoke Out X' to 'Sturgis' just to name a few.

This years 'Smoke Out' winner is a beaut... but I miss my baby. Oh well there's only another week and a half of this fun in the sun, golfing, fishing and other stuff normal people do on Harley-less days.

Looky what I found. The old B&W header for my blog, the Motörheadster. Oh how I long to hear that familiar sound... potato, potato, potato.

Speaking of potatoes... I think the fish is ready.

Ace ♠

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