Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dead of Winter

Free is good... getting into a concert free, is better! I got a freebie ticket for the Mötley Crüe show, as the boys hit town on their Dead of Winter Tour 2010.

It was actually a decent show but... talk about plane Jane, compared to the 05, 06 and 08 concerts. It was a back-to-the basics, stripped-down rock & roll show.

And by stripped down, I mean no strippers, no titty cam and no spinning hydraulic drum kit. The freaks stayed home.

There was a ton of pyro, concussion bombs and fireworks for their main effects. Tommy Lee was his usual self, and even left his kit to share a bottle of Jagermeister with the crowd. Cool.

In spite of his arthritic disorder (he had to lean/sit against the speakers by Tommy's drum kit), Mick Mars was in fine form.

Nikki Sixx was his showman self.

Vince Neil was surprisingly good. Honest. His voice has held up well over the years and he was running around the stage and hyping up the crowd between songs.

Speaking of which, here's their set list. Ya, 14 songs in 90 minutes.

Australia's Airbourne started the night off.

These guys were straight-up, balls-out rock n' roll. They've got a new album coming out in March and apparently they're coming back in a few months as a headliner.

Next up was the Joe Perry Project.

The crowd seemed somewhat indifferent with his bluesy riffs and the selection of tracks he played from his latest album (which he couldn't remember).

JPP played some covers and a few Aerosmith songs, including Toys in the Attic and Walk This Way.

And Joe played a variety of his axes including: the old-west inspired Bullets and Bones guitar. Holy frick that thing is sweet!

Ya think Vince has had some work done? Can you say botox.

Um, she however, doesn't need any work. This pic was free and it's not mine. Yup free is good.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

A thoroughly fantastic review Ace, glad you had a good night - great pics there to accompany the show. Man that lady at the bottom of the article looks great...

Ace said...

Thanks LJ... you should know not all the pics are mine - I usually post the OG photographer but I was getting tired and hit the sack.

To reiterate, it was a fun show - all the kids and commercial metal fans (and a lot of chicks / as pre usual for this type of band) were hopping and bopping to the tunes.

So, it wasn't a total waste


Anonymous said...

Merci pour la friday hottie....

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