Thursday, December 16, 2010

'The World is Yours'

'The World is Yours' will finally be released to the rest of the world January 25, 2011. The album is produced by Motörhead and Cameron Webb under the label, Motörhead Music/EMI Music Services.

Shortly after the band began recording the album in late spring, Phil Campbell's father died. Lemmy and Mikkey decided to rent a studio in Wales, to allow Phil to stay close to his family and continue working on the album.

Lemmy and Mikkey then laid down the rest of the voice, bass and drum tracks in Los Angeles. Yup... after 35 years, not much can keep this band down.

For those Canuckleheads who would like to pre-order, or want to buy it for that special someone on their Christmas wish list, Amazon has it for sale.

The album, which is alreay available in the UK, was reviewed by James Green Jr. of Crawdaddy Magazine.
Here's the track listing. 'TWIY' has 10 new songs and word has it, 'Get Back in Line' is a killer track... one many are saying is an 'instant classic'!

1.Born To Lose
2.I Know How To Die
3.Get Back In Line
4.Devils In My Head
5.Rock ‘n’ Roll Music
6.Waiting For The Snake
7.Brotherhood Of Man
9.I Know What You Need
10.Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

Want to check the lyrics on these bitchn' songs, click here.

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