Friday, October 30, 2009

Sporty Speedo Brackets For Sale!

That's it... I'm going into business for myself. Look what I found on the Cyril Huze Blog 10/30/09.

The web site featured this post about a new Sporty speedo relocation bracket.

It looks pretty cool and is built by Kundratic Kustoms. Cost $124.00 (plus s&h and applicable taxes).

However, according to some of the reader's comments on the blog, reviews are mixed. They didn't like the raw metal look... nor did they like the overall position of the speedo.

Well, I have the perfect solution for those disgruntled Sporty owners looking for a relocation bracket that, in my HO, will satisfy all their needs!

This is my speedometer relocation bracket. I designed it and fabricated it. It's a single piece of metal cut & bent into a "Z" shape. It attaches to the front of the engine (as depicted in the photos below).

This is what it looks like when you're sitting on the bike. My design allows you to keep your OG speedo in it's housing (all the gauges and lights work as per usual) and you can see/read your gauges without turning your head sideways.

The gauge cable is rerouted onto the bracket (and held in place with zip ties). The bracket is also notched to allow the speedo to fit snug and even.

Lot's of room to change plugs... I've never hit it with my leg and I love it! Here's the original post 'Transformation Page #5' I wrote when I made the bracket.

I haven't figured out a price, I haven't set up a store/page/link yet but... details, details!

Oh, I may even offer a front signal relocation bracket as well! Um, I also need a name for my shop. Hm, 'Ace Metal Werks', 'Ace Speed Shop', I'll figure something out.

Ace ♠

Cool Graffiti Furniture

Man why didn't I think of this. Screw spending all that money renovating my kitchen cabinets and buying new appliances... just paint the suckers!
This table reminds me of 'Snake Bite Love'.
"I wanna see a cobra, Inflate his scary hood and bite the unsuspecting, I think that's really good".
These kick a$$ pieces of work were designed by guano designs.
I love this fridge! That would look awesome in my garage.
Ace ♠

Happy Halloween

Hey, hey, hey ... in moderation boys!

And in the spirit of Halloween and the Friday babe... here's a head nurse and oral surgeon.

He, he.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

South Side Kustoms

Found this great lookin' bobber from South Side Kustoms.

I'm likin' those pipes. Another option for me to consider this winter.

Ace ♠

Johnny Cash - His Last Video

This poignant look at Johnny Cash's last recorded video was produced by the BBC. The song called 'Hurt' was written by Trent Reznor of 'Nine Inch Nails'.

The video is part of the BBC's documentary titled, 'Johnny Cash: The Last Great American'. The doc profiled the life of the legendary country music star, who died in September 2003.

Whether you're a Johnny Cash fan or not, this documentary is powerful and wrought with emotion.

The song can be found on Cash's Album/CD, 'American IV: The Man Comes Around', released in 2002.

This album was his fourth effort with producer Rick Rubin.

Peace be with you... RIP Johnny.
Ace ♠

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flipn' for Lemmy

I'm an old skateborder (emphasis on old) and when I came across this piece of tape, I wasn't sure what to think... A border interviewing Lemmy!?!?

Geoff Rowley is with Flip Skateboards and sat down with Motörhead's bassist and lead singer to record an interview featured in the November '09 issue. It's called Flip Skateboards "Extremely Sorry" DVD.
Here's part #1.

And if you liked #1, here's the rest of the interview cut into 3 more parts.




If your on the US left coast, you may want to check this out. It's Flip's annual west coast tour, 11/10 to 11/18/09. Sadly, in my prime, I used to be able to pull off a Double Pits to Chesty... but now I'm just old man Phil.

Ace ♠

Lemmy, Hatless

Had to post these great snaps!

These were taken at the Motörhead gig at DeMontfort Hall, Leicester, in 2008.

These photos courtesy: mohawk visuals

SNARL... Excellent shot!

Ace ♠

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

London Calling

Wow, this is Ol' Skool television.

MTV show host Steve Blacknell of 'London Calling' has interviewed many a rock star, including our favourite front man Lemmy Kilmister. This interview was taped circa 1984 in a Gypsy's Caravan in North London. Brilliant!

Check it.

This YouTube video was posted by DugNY30.

"My Favorite Interviewer Personality from the 80's was Steve Blacknell. He interviewed EVERYBODY back in the day! We really need to get Steve back on the the Television airways! I'm back on my mission to get the word around. So I will be posting many quirky fun interviews Steve Blacknell has done. This interview with Metal Icon Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead always cracked me up".

Ace ♠

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ace of Rave, The Ace of Rave!

Nothing is sacred!

Yes, Motörhead fans the day has finally come... what has been dubbed by some as the 'best metal song ever', has now been bastardised. A pair of very creative and imaginative DJ's have published a remix of the Snaggletöoth classic, 'Ace of Spades'. Yes, into a dance version.

Well, stab me (not me in pic) in the eye with a cork screw! DJ Dotcom provides us with this little ditty below.

Um... but before you press play please peruse this previous post, 'Ace of Spades Rule' courtesy of your humble narrator (thanks for the line Jimmy).

Here's another one for ya. This one is mixed by DJ Hero. It features, again, Motörhead's 'Ace of Spades' vs. Noisia (Ya, I have no idea what that is).

I think it's time to enlist the help of the old, dare I say.. dreaded blogger web poll.

Check the right side bar to cast you vote... on which remix sucks more?

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Double Trouble'

POST UPDATE: Yo, stupid, ya Me. Given the badge on the side of the bike is a Flyrite emblem, you should probably mention that this is their build! Dip stick!

The boys at Brass Balls Bobbers have a great flickr page. The BBB folks went to The Horse Back Street Choppers, Smoke Out 10 East and found this wicked scoot. It's called 'Double Trouble'.

I'm under the impression that the middle cell on the tank is for oil. There's just no other place for an oil tank on this brute.

Talk about an engineering feat. I wouldn't have the foggiest idea of how to pull this off.

Wow, what ever you do don't wear wide bottom jeans riding this pant eater!

In spite of the bike's obvious extra length, it looks like it would be a blast to slip between your legs, strap on a lid and hit the open road. The question is... I wonder how she'd handle?

With a handle like 'Double Trouble', I figured SRV would know. Enjoy!

Ace ♠

Iron Striking Metal

With Motörhead not on stage until 11/04/09 at the Zenith in Paris, I needed something to bide my time... and I think this'll do just fine.

Yup, that'll do Donkey... that'll do!

Ace ♠

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rockabilly Rave

These are fine examples of how to use sepia. These snaps rock. Nice scoot and hot rod!


Lifted from my flickr amigo retrophotouk

Ace ♠

Wrestling Over A Cover?!?!

This is absolutely frickn' hilarious! The current reigning pop Queen Rhinna, is being accused of ripping off/copying an album cover from Extreme wrestling. Ha!

The album 'Extreme Music' featured Megadeth, White Zombie and Motörhead. Yup Lemmy's involvement is the only reason I give a rats a$$ about this story.

The songs 'King of Kings'
and 'The Game' are two wrestling classics, both of course uses by Triple H (as his theme songs) and are performed by Motörhead. I believe 'The Game' (according people who watch this stuff) is the longest running theme song in pro Wrestling... Cool!

As for these two and their fight over the cover, ya sorry I don't care. If you want to read more, here's an article from Even has picked up on the tit-for-tat, and their readers comments speak volumes about the sites decision to carry the article.
As for the complaint by Paul Heyman, well from what I've read, he's out of the biz now and is probably either:
A) looking to file a lawsuit and make a quick buck.
B) Wanted to get back into the limelight and thought an album cover controversy involving Rhinna would be the ticket.
C) Both of the above.
I'm betting on C.

I mean Rhianna's has a number of assets and a chest full of money to throw at this boob if she looses... oh, never mind!
Ace ♠

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dirt Bag Challenge

This rally is dubbed the "Dirt Bag Challenge". It's held once a year in San Fransisco CA. The rules are simple: 1-month build time. No H-D's. 1k in cash for the build and you must be able to ride her. Love it!

The XS650 will always have a special place in my heart... and I'll need to make room for this little number. Sweet bars.

If you're a facebook freak, they've got a dirt bag page as well as a mySpace page.

Rat du jour. But it ain't gonna win because the rules state, no Harley's. These snaps are from sfmisfits flickr stream.

Tanks a lot!

Check this Ducati hard tail bobber. She's my choice! Here's an article from that really explains what it's all about.

As for this, um... thing? I guess it would be great in the winter, but how in the frick do you steer it? I Wonder if it won the challenge?

Ace ♠

Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy at Club Nokia

Ace ♠

Friday Hottie

Ace ♠

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Ace of Kids

Now this is awesome!

It's all about soccer... uh, I mean metal \m/!

Ace ♠

In The Studio

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in the recording studio with Lemmy and the boys? Well, now you have a chance to (albeit though the pages of a book) do just that.

Author of twenty one books, Jake Brown sits down with Lemmy and documents, via a 288 page hardcover publication, what went into making/writing/recording some of their great tracks.

Here's a description of what you can expect:

"Lemmy has given Brown unprecedented behind-the-scenes access into the writing and recording of the band's 26 albums. Together with insight from fellow band members, crew and producers, this features all the stories behind such albums as Ace of Spades, Bomber and Overkill".

There's a write up in It hits book store shelves Nov 02/09. You can pick up your copy through

While you're there, pick up this one as well.

You'll get a book hangover from the latter.

Ace ♠