Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ruiz on Tape

In Mikkey Dee's first JoggleBug update he mentioned he wanted to check out the video tape of Matt Sorum filling for him behind the drum kit.

Well Mik, all you have to do is log on (to the Motörheadster, a little self promotion never hurt anyone) and you'll find what you're looking for. Speaking of those who were filling in for an absent Mikkey Dee.

Here's a rare piece of tape. Francis Ruiz on the skins during the first Calgary show Sept. 27/09.
Dee of course has been in Malaysia taping a reality Swedish TV show for the last 11 gigs of this tour.

Here's a write up from the Calgary Sun called 'Still Loud... Still Proud'. It's definitely worth he read.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"I Drink A Bottle Of Jack A Day"

The boys are wrapping up their stint in the great white north (Vancouver on Oct 01/09) and then they're headed back to the states (and then Europe).

(That's a SIC photo of Lemmy)

Here's a Canoe Canada interview with Lemmy dubbed 'Lemmy's A Rock Survivor'. And here's a write-up from the Calgary Harold on Lemmy, 'A Lasting Thrash Rock Icon'. Get this... instead of writing their own articles, here's what I found on the R&R Hall Of Fame site, called 'Motorhead's Lemmy: I Still Drink A Lot, About A Bottle of jack Daniels A Day'.

Ya, I know... I said WTF are they doing! They haven't said boo about Lemmy in years and for some reason they've decided to post all these articles about the man, the myth, the legend. I mean, they won't consider him for the RRHOF but ABBA and Madonna & all her kids are a shoe in?!?! Bull$hi#!! I promised I wouldn't go there... so, enough said. Dinks!!

These cool snaps were taken at the show at Midland Theater, Kansas City, MO Sept. 24/09.

You can check out the pics at this site: zzimfo photostream on Flickr.

Love that pic of Lemmy. Did I mention the bozos at the RRHOF are all frickn' morons!! All right, no more about the boobs at the hall... honest.

Dick-wads! OK that's it. There.

That's better... remind me, why do I pay a psycho-pathogist all that money when I can simply vent here! Rock & Roll Hall Of-Fidiots!

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'Do the Jogglebug'

I thought this was pretty cool. It's called a JoggleBug.

So, what is it... well a JoggleBug is essentially a daily audio diary or update from an artists, performer or celebrity. It's a glorified voice mail that allows you to hear what your favourite artists is up to. Why do I care... well, guess who is now a client and providing updates, yup Lemmy & Motörhead!

JoggleBug co-founder and CEO, Ann Cameron Troy was interviewed by and says "He's the coolest guy, (Lemmy) and I'm so honored that he believed in my vision from the beginning."

"His presence is as undeniable as his voice and when you can hear directly from Lemmy, you know it's real, not an assistant or manager writing or texting for him."

I've just added it to the blog, just scroll down the right hand side of the Motörheadster to check it.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snaggletoöth Devours Canada

♪ Oh Canada, our home and Metal Land ♫ Party on Garth! Motörhead-fanatics in Al-brutal got their wish. The boys added a second Cow Town show on Sept.27th due to overwhelming demand.

They'll play the 28th as well her at Flames Central, and then head north to Edmon-chuck.

This pic was taken in TO, their last stop in the great white north. And while it's not a first for Motörhead to book a second gig, the first show they play in Cow-town will be a first for Francis Ruiz.
Mikkey Dee's Drum tech Ruiz, will pound the skins for that show. Dee has just wrapped up shooting of the Swedish Version of the TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’.

Dee, will be reunited with Lemmy & Phil the following night, for the second show on the 28th in Calgary. The paying public in Alberta won't be disappointed.

Ruiz has played with Great White, CC DeVille and is pounding the toms with 40 Cycle Hum.

Here's a vid of Ruiz during a sound check in 2008, jamming with Lemmy, Phil and another guitar tech. playing "Killed By Death". Not bad!

Mr. Single Bass, Matt Sorum filled in for Dee for 11 shows on this tour. All-in-all he did an admirable job.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Awesome Snaps of Motörhead in Missouri

Found some kick a$$ pics of the Motörhead show in St. Louis Missouri at the Pageant. Todd Owyoung took these SIC shots of the boys.

You can check out his work at

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Matt On The Road With Motörhead

I found this little gem on Flickr allegedly posted by Matt Sorum. Yes the same Matt Sorum, filling in for Mikkey Dee, on the skins for Motörhead.

This is apparently his photostream called jo-motorhead and for all intense-and-purposes, it looks legit.

Here is Matt and his wife with dog guru Cesar Milan. Apparently Matt made a video for Cesar about some of the problems he was having with one of his dogs.

Cesar responded and is now taping an episode with Matt for his show, 'The Dog Whisperer' on The National Geographic Channel.

Matt also made an appearance on LA Ink and talks about the show on his photostream.
Here's a post from Matts photostream about being on the road with Lemmy and Phil and touring with Motörhead.
Have been touring with Motorhead on drums for the last 2 weeks.It has been the most amazing tour I have ever done. Lemmy text me about a week before the beginning of their tour and ask if I could fill in. I was truly honored and overwhelmed at the same time. I was in the middle of moving which as we all know is the worst. But how could I say no. This gig is a once in a lifetime opportunity and Called Lemmy back and said yes and asked when we would rehearse. He said we could do a sound check in Washington DC at the 930 club. I felt some anxiety about it but was still very up for the challenge. Mikkey Dee is an amazing drummer with a lot of chops and a double bass drum master. So big shoes to fill in that department.I have had some experience with double bass, but it has never been at the forefront of my playing.Once again a challenge.Motorhead songs are aggressive and require power, chops and especially stamina.Being off the road for awhile I had to make sure my energy level was in top form. Being a little older now its not as much about drinking 2shots backed by 2 beers before hitting the stage. Its more like make sure I'm rested and healthy and ready to rock period.Also not to let any Motorhead fans down who are the mainstay of Motorhead and the most important thing to Lemmy and Phil.I did my homework by watching Videos and learning all the songs with keeping in mind the integrity of the songs.Listening to Mikkey's versions as well as Philthy Phil Taylor who was a much different drummer than Mikkey.And to respect the songs as well as put some of my own flair on them.8 gigs in I have to say the blisters are healed and the band is sounding great now.Had great shows along the way and met a lot of cool people. I very much appreciate all the support from the Motorhead fans and the band and crew of Motorhead.RockNRoll is alive and well in the USA Rock On!!!

Fianly, this is a vid from their Austin gig.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Megadeth - Anvil Hit Prime Time TV

Dave Mustaine & Megadeth made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. .

(Circa 83' - Is that not the best pic everrrrr!!)
If you were busy washing your hair or don't own a TV and didn't get a chance to see it, you can check it out here (third video down).

I think some one dropped an anvil on my head because I don't know how I missed this.

The Canuck come-back-kids are making an appearance on the Tonight Show with Conan O'brien.

The show is slated to air on Tuesday Oct. 6th. For more on Anvil's appearance on the show check it here

Wow, it looks as if Lips truly believes in the Vulcan mantra "Live long and prosper". Obviously, it's working!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Saxon "Heavy Metal Thunder" Movie

So... the question now is which metal documentary will hit the big screen first? Lemmy's "Lemmy the movie" or Saxon's forthcoming movie "Heavy Metal Thunder".
Saxon has just posted a few more trailers for their doc.

I've seen the first trailer but the others are fairly new. Enjoy.

The band has been around for thirty years and this film celebrates the achievement.

Lemmy, Mikkey, Phil as well as former Motörhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke and Lars from Metallica are just a few of the big names to boast of the British bands attributes, their success and longevity in the rock & roll business.

 has published this piece on the bands aforementioned doc. Here's a quote I pulled from the story from Saxon lead singer Biff Byford.

"Saxon have a great story to tell and some bloody fantastic songs to celebrate. I think you'll agree it needs to be done properly, so get your orders in now. This will be one of the best rock docs you’ll ever see."

The film is expected to be released this November.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mikkey in Malaysia

The good folks at have been keeping tabs on Mikkey Dee. The Motörhead drummer is one of 11 celebrities appearing in the Swedish reality show "Kändisdjungeln".

The Swedish version of the popular reality-TV show "I'm a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!".

Like everything now it seems... you can watch the show on YouTube. The first of eleven episodes, (which aired on Thursday Sept. 17th) has been uploaded in five parts. However, I couldn't understand a single word... hold on, check that I understood four words and then five more popped up. During, and at the end of, the shows intro one contestant said "He's a F#%kn' a$$hole". And, "I'm so F*#kin' outta here!". had this write up on the show and the posted episodes.

Filling in for Dee on the skins during this portion of the tour is Matt Sorum.

The last celebrity standing will be declared winner and is named king or queen of the jungle. Well, albeit in a completely controlled, Hollywood-type, glorified jungle five star hotel bed and breakfast.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Motörheads Big in Texas

Every thing's bigger in Texas. In Motörheads case, you might say it's now louder too! Houston, Dallas & Austin 09/18 -19 - 20/09.

Check out this Houston Press article 'Overkill, no such thing' by D.X. Ferris. You can check out the Houston Press pics from the concert on groovehouse's photostream.

Here's the before pics from the Houston gig at the 'Warehouse Live'. Looks like these young ladies enjoyed the show. Here's a Houston Chronicle piece 'Motorhead and Lemmy Kilmister keep on rockin' & rollin' by Andrew Dansby.

After the show. Hm... she's in the bus, Lemmy's topless and he's got that WTF do you think just happened look.

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Muppets Sing Overkill & Old TV Commercial

Check it. The Muppet's pay homage to Lemmy and the boys. I laughed my a$$ off and thought... what the hey, I'd post it for all to enjoy!

This next vid is just an auto parts commercial from 93'. It's the closing lyrics in the jingle and the on screen text that caught my eye.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Motörhead on Jimmel Kimmel

Clear your calendar,

leave the phone off the hook... wow, who does that anymore (I'm gettin' old),

and make sure you've paid the cable bill... Motörhead will make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday Oct. 8th.

Guest stars scheduled to appear on the Kimmel show that night are:

Actress Stana Katic.

and film director Michael Moore.
I wonder if Jimmy will invite Lemmy, Phil and/or Matt or Mikkey, to sit down and chat. I guess we'll have to watch to find out.

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