Friday, October 29, 2010

Hunting Season is Here

It's nice to see he is practising safe hunting etiquette, by wearing a bright orange hunting hat and keeping his beer on the opposite side of the hot tub.

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Friday Hottie

Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The World Is Yours

You've been waiting and now it's here. Motörhead's 20th studio album/CD 'The Wörld Is Yours', hits store shelves in the UK 12/13/2010.

For those of us on this side of the pond, A North American release date has not been announced. Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey D. will also support the album with a European tour.

A media release says the new album 'The Wörld Is Yours', "serves to remind everyone that you should never stop questioning or critiquing a society that would surely chew you up and spit you if given half a chance."

Here's the track list for The Wörld Is Yours:

1. Born To Lose
2. I Know How To Die
3. Get Back In Line
4. Devils In My Head
5. Rock 'N' Roll Music
6. Waiting For The Snake
7. Brotherhood Of Man
8. Outlaw
9. I Know What You Need

A sample compilation of some of the songs were released on YouTube. Take a listen, I certainly like what I'm hearing.

The Wörld Is Yours was produced by Cameron Webb. Like their 2008 release 'Motörizer', Mikkey D's drum tracks were layed down at Dave Grohl 606 Studios, in Southern California.

The Snaggletöothed hellions had a part in production with their newly minted Motörhead Music label, with distribution through EMI. I know what I want for Christmas.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wooden Ferrari V12 Engine

Check it. A life-size Ferrari V12 engine, made entirely of wood!

The 1:1 model is a replica of a V12 365GTB.

Even from the pictures, you can see the intricate details of each part and the amount of work an Australian carpenter-cabinetmaker put into this project. It weighs only 25 Kg, and you can clinch it on eBay for just over $6,000 US.

It was built by zoombie-oz, from Australia, at least that's his eBay user name.

The engine is featured in tomsguide.

Here's a picture of the real Ferrari 365 GTB, pretty damn cool.

Crazy huh? I mean who would build want to put all that time in building one of these engines... well I found another nut bar who does. Bill Dietz of Moss Landing California made this beauty. Actually he made 12 and sold them on eBay as well. These puppies are a replica of the Ferrari V12 365GTB/4 Daytona.

Each engine took Bill 400 hours to build, over a 3 year period. For more on Bill's work, check hackedgadgets.

Bill used Philippine Mahogany to make the block and Teak, Birch, Walnut and Hawaiian Koa (just to name a few of the woods) for the other parts. Ya, totally whacked!

In spite of the engines likeness to the real thing... I guess the last thing you'd want to do is fire it up!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

AC/DC Iron Man II Sound Track

I just uploaded the 'AC/DC: Iron Man 2' sound track onto my iPod. The CD features 15 classic AC/DC songs selected from 10 of the band's studio albums, ranging from 1976 to 2008. Bon Scott or Brian Johnson - you be the judge.

AC/DC Iron Man 2" Track Listing:
1. Shoot to Thrill
2. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
3. Guns for Hire
4. Cold Hearted Man
5. Back in Black
6. Thunderstruck
7. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
8. Evil Walks
9. T.N.T.
10. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
11. Have a Drink on Me
12. The Razor's Edge
13. Let There Be Rock
14. War Machine
15. Highway to Hell

Seriously! Seriously! Song #3 'Guns for Hire' and #10 'Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be' brought me back to a place, a time in my life, I some times wish I could return to. I am some what embarrassed to say... I forgot how good these tracks really are. This album is non-stop rock n' roll! Ya, ya... we all own these tunes in one form or another, however listening/placing them in this compilation... pure genius! They seem to be made to go together. Now I wanna' see the movie! I mean even if it sucks, the soundtrack will keep me in my seat. Oh, and I do like theatre popcorn.


Unplugged - Ace of Spades ♠

Help! Where can I find this version of the 'Ace of Spades'! It's F#ckn' killer!

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Friday Hottie

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello Lemmy

Check it.

I would love to buy one of these T's for my ol' lady... um, if I had one! They're titled 'Hello Lemmy' by Morgan Slade. They sell for $25 US. Slade, an artist and photographer just opened her online store.

This is her first T-shirt. She told Juxtapoz Mag, “They are on super soft burnout tees and come in women’s sizes small, medium, and large”.

Want one? Slade’s 'Hello Lemmy' T-shirts are available via Slade’s Etsy shop.

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Lemmy In The News

Finally, some news worth posting regarding 'Lemmy: The Movie' featuring our hero, Motörhead bassist-vocalist Lemmy Kilmister.

The feature-length documentary will premiere in the U.K. at the London Film Festival 10/23/2010. Ya, but that's been in the papers for weeks now.

Here's what I'm talkin' about. For those Motörhead fans unfortunate enough to live on this side of the pond, and who won't be able to make the trip to jolly ol' England, the doc will be released on DVD 01/24/2011.

I can't wait. As I've documented in past posts, the film, directed by Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski, features Q&A's with Metallica, Mick Jones, Dave Grohl, Ozzy, and Slash just to name a few.

As you may well know, 2010 marks the 35th anniversary of the birth of Motörhead... and the snaggletöothed wonder himself is turning 65 years old.

Holy $hit. The man still smokes 2-packs of Marlboro's and drinks a bottle of Jack Daniel's a day. While some may refer to him as 51% Mother F#cker and 49% $on of a bitch.... I'd say, he's 100% GOD!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Hottie

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Motörhead in Japan

I love these concert posters.
Calling all Japanese Motörhead fans! The band is playing Nippon this month, 10/16/10 and 10/17/10.

Osaka 10/16/2010 Kobe World Kinen Hall - Saitama-shi 10/17/2010 Saitama Super Arena.

OK, that is going to be a killer show!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Hottie

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lemmy and Bart Simpson

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate then another edition of the annual Simpsons Halloween special! But this edition is very, VERY special!

Check it.

Lemmy Kilmister and Bart come together in The Simpson's 'Tree House of Horror' comic book published by Bongo Comics.

While many thought last years Halloween special was a classic,

this year's book (marks the fifteenth straight year that Bongo has published a special edition) boasts Motörhead's front man in a unique story written specifically with the Snaggletöohed hellion in mind.

Issue #16 features Lemmy in the story "Homer Goes To Hell". Lemmy battles the forces from the dark side! One of the best lines from Lemmy in the comic: "Bart means beer in German, the World is Yours." F#ckin' killer!

Oh, one last pic for ya. I found this little Homer/Lemmy gem on the triple W and couldn't resist lifting it to post in these sored pages. I definitely like the Bongo version of Lem better.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Microphone Taillight

The mixing of music and motorcycles is similar to the heavenly mix of Jack Daniel's and Coke. Pure sweetness!

Now another example of pure sweetness - The Seven Sins Choppers Vintage Microphone Taillight. Total kick-a$$!

At $249 (US), this dual circuit light is made of solid red resin (hand-sanded smooth) and has several sealed LED lights for illumination. The mic casing and internal components are designed to resist moisture, vibration, and chemical exposure.

If you're the type that needs everything on your scooter to be black, well the newly released 'Black Raptor' taillight is available in a satin black powdercoat.
It retails for $299 (US).

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Motörhead Artwork

Motörhead Artwork worth sharing. Enjoy.

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