Sunday, January 31, 2010

FTW Short Track Racing

Here's a great video from the boys over at
FTWCO Racing.

FTWCO are sponsoring a number of riders this year in a number of different events and disciplines.

One of the styles they sponsor is flat track racing. It has to be on of the coolest forms of racing out there. Go fast & turn left!

These video highlights are from the first race FTWCO's riders were in this season. It was shot at the indoor short track, held at South Port Casino in Las Vegas. The FTW rider has a camera on his helmet and there's gotta be at least 3 more cameras around the track. It's wicked.

And don't blink, you may see Chopper Dave in the stands.

The boys also put of some killer merch.

Everything from decals to T-shirts, and the prices ain't bad either.

C'mon, that shirt is kick ass!!!
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dead of Winter

Free is good... getting into a concert free, is better! I got a freebie ticket for the Mötley Crüe show, as the boys hit town on their Dead of Winter Tour 2010.

It was actually a decent show but... talk about plane Jane, compared to the 05, 06 and 08 concerts. It was a back-to-the basics, stripped-down rock & roll show.

And by stripped down, I mean no strippers, no titty cam and no spinning hydraulic drum kit. The freaks stayed home.

There was a ton of pyro, concussion bombs and fireworks for their main effects. Tommy Lee was his usual self, and even left his kit to share a bottle of Jagermeister with the crowd. Cool.

In spite of his arthritic disorder (he had to lean/sit against the speakers by Tommy's drum kit), Mick Mars was in fine form.

Nikki Sixx was his showman self.

Vince Neil was surprisingly good. Honest. His voice has held up well over the years and he was running around the stage and hyping up the crowd between songs.

Speaking of which, here's their set list. Ya, 14 songs in 90 minutes.

Australia's Airbourne started the night off.

These guys were straight-up, balls-out rock n' roll. They've got a new album coming out in March and apparently they're coming back in a few months as a headliner.

Next up was the Joe Perry Project.

The crowd seemed somewhat indifferent with his bluesy riffs and the selection of tracks he played from his latest album (which he couldn't remember).

JPP played some covers and a few Aerosmith songs, including Toys in the Attic and Walk This Way.

And Joe played a variety of his axes including: the old-west inspired Bullets and Bones guitar. Holy frick that thing is sweet!

Ya think Vince has had some work done? Can you say botox.

Um, she however, doesn't need any work. This pic was free and it's not mine. Yup free is good.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Just The Facts

Here's what really goes on when TV reporters file a story for their respective networks.

This is brilliant.

Ha! Love it.

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Friday Hottie

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Go Fast, Turn Left

Well spank my monkey... I got me a late Ukrainian Christmas present, and I ain't even Ukrainian.

Check it, all the way from 95 Stonegate Spalding, Great Britain.

Ya baby, a #1 Issue of Sideburn Magazine.


The timing couldn't be better... I'm all out of reading material (just finished off the latest issue of The Horse BSC Magazine).

So... why am I so stoked. Well, Gary Inman & Ben Part publish the mag twice yearly. And it's a sweeeet little rag! Let me quote Gary:

It's inspired by oval motorcycle racing, and covers flat track racing and the road bikes loosely inspired by the racers, budget road trips and the heroes and zeroes we love.

In 01/2010 I noticed an offer Gary had running on their blog site, Sideblog that they got their hands on a bunch of #1 issues. Well, needless to say I couldn't click the mouse fast enough to place my order.

They also make kick ass, limited edition T-s, sweats and stickers. Thanks Gary, much appreciated.

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Booked for an Award

It looks as if the new book about what happens in the studio, when Motörhead is making music, (released in 11/2009 in Europe) is up for a prestigious award.

'Motörhead: In The Studio' has been nominated for an award in the Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research category. The annual awards are handed out by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.

The book was inked by Jake Brown (a biographer) and Lemmy Kilmister. 'Motörhead: In The Studio' is due to hit retail shops in North America in 04/2010.

I've profiled the book before refer to the post: 'In The Studio' I guess I'll have to wait till' 04/2010 to buy my copy. And later to find out if they won the ARSC award. Ha... an ARS award. Ars, ars, ars.

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Wicked Time Lapse Video

This music video is getting more hits than a heroin addict after a major score. It's called: "Vancouver City". The video is a collaboration between Innerlife Project and TimeLapseHD.

Vocals by: Linda Ganzini. Serge Chubinski-Orlov produced and wrote the score for Vancouver City.

The video and camera work is by David and Dan Newcomb.

These time lapses are shot with a 12 mega pixel digital single lens reflex camera.

Original resolution is 6 times better then HD (high definition). You should know that the video clips are for sale. For more info contact

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Lemmy Inspired Guitars

While Lemmy's pluggin' one-armed bandits at the Rainbow, Phil Campbell has been working out the kinks in a couple of new guitars.

Motörhead's lead guitarist dropped by
TC Ellis Guitars to check out their latest masterpiece, a Lemmy Kilmister inspired axe.

TC Ellis is building a very limited run of 50 instruments.

The first 15 have pre sold and they're now taking deposits for the remaining 35 guitars.

These beauties have a mahogany body with maple through neck construction.

They feature an ebony fretboard with star inlays and are 24 3/4 scale length. With (Les Paul) hand carved relief on the face of the guitar.

Individually Serial Numbered and a certificate of authenticity is included.

For More info please email
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Flamin' Hot Rods

Lifted some killer flamin' rod pics from down unda'.

Love the plate!

These snaps were taken at the 45th Victorian Hotrod Show. Royal exhibition building, Melbourne Victoria.

Photos via: V8brougham

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