Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ed's Art

The blogs title page was simple and to the point.

Ed's Art. Even though the picture in the header was that of a little boy (possibly his own or that of a client's), what lay beneath it, and hidden in previous posts, was outstanding.

This is the fine artwork of Edwin van der Veer. Sweet Knuckle!

I am presuming they're all oil on canvas. However, as for the size of each piece, when they were painted and/or where they're being sold or shown... I haven't a clue.

The title of the above painting is 'Gold'.

The "View My Complete Profile" section of his blog is blank. That being said, I really don't know a whole lot about Ed. I did a search on the triple-w, and came up empty.

Here's a cool Sporty portrait but in my HO, the pipes look a little wonky. I don't know about you but his style kinda' reminds of GTP's (George The Painter) work.

These two pieces (as far as examples go) are lifted from George's site.

These last two pieces are my faves from Ed. 'Sinners Prayer' is one pic I'd love to have hangin' on my wall.

Ace ♠

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Evel Surfer Hat

This wicked lid, is David Lozeau's Malibu Surfer Hat.

I know... that's what I said, "WTF is a Malibu Surfer hat?"

Check the vintage ad (above) to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

The WWII helmet is for an artist's display at the Vintage Torque Fest, a hot rod, motorcycle & art show in Farley Iowa. John Wells (event organizer), asked the best artists from around the country produce their own Malibu Surfer Hats.

Dave decided to paint his with an Evel Knievel-inspired skull with wings in 1 Shot enamel (it's how he rolls). Check it, the original pencil sketch, and helmet that he painted with blue flake.

Here's D-Lo laying down the skull and bones mid-way through the project. It's a true labour of love because he ain't gettin' paid for this commission. All the proceeds from the sale of the Surfer Hats are going to a charity called

Here's one Dave got paid for. Here's how he described it on his site: "An iconic symbol for pirates and hooligans alike, the skull and crossbones gets an artistic face-lift on this half-shell motorcycle helmet. Dave's trademark big-toothed, droopy-eyed skull character was created with 1 Shot sign painters enamel".

Here's another in his classic Day of the Dead style. The description: "A modern sugar skull and traditional marigolds were painted on a half-shell motorcycle helmet at the "Tres Dias" RockabillyFest in Phoenix, Arizona with 1 Shot enamel over the course of two days".

Sorry but I couldn't resist. There's also a bike event/display at Torque Fest, sponsored by Dice magazine. It's been dubbed Moto Psycho Torque Fest.

Here's how it's been promoted: "Bring out your Norton, Triumph, vintage Harley or Indian, or BSA. Yes, custom Jap bikes are welcome. As long as the bikes will be something that looks like it would be in Choppers magazine circa 1969 or DicE magazine.OCC Bikes, billet, touring bikes, and fat boys are welcome - but will have special parking outside".

Love it!

Ace ♠

Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 World of Wheels

The Convention Centre played host again this year to the 36th annual Piston Ring World of Wheels.

This year’s show, 03/26 27 28/2010, includes two floors of exhibits. One for hot rods and one for motorcycles.

(1972 Harley-Davidson Aermacchi)

More on both of theses cool rides in a moment, but first... Ehhhhhhhhhh!

At this year's WOW (just like in years past), there was an appearance by TV celebrity Henry Winkler AKA: 'The Fonz' from 'Happy Days'.

Ya, the line up to see him wasn't very long, even though he was given the key to River City by the mayor He was nice, but nice doesn't sell tickets.

However, I was interested to see Catherine Bach, AKA: 'Daisy Duke' from the TV show 'Dukes of Hazzard'.
Let's just say she does not resemble this old pic, at all! (Bach is on the left) Again very nice, but I'd rather see a more topical celeb. Um... I think Jessica Simpson (who played Daisy Duke in the recent movie 'Dukes of Hazzard') would've been a better, albeit, recent and more popular choice.

Alright enough about the celebs, and back to the show. This scoot caught my eye.

A 1972 Harley-Davidson Aermacchi Sprint. It's built in Italy for H-D.

It's 350 cc but I'm not sure if it's in running condition or not (but by looking at it, I'm sure she'd fire right up).
The other cool ride (that I took a bunch of pics of) was the 'El-Tiki'.

This 29' Ford Roadster was sweet... but it's a little to over done for my tastes. A little less chrome, and a little more rust is how I like em'.

However, I couldn't resist posting it... this little hot rod is just so cool.

It's built by Culbert's Hot Rod Customs.

It's got over 50 mods. The newest part in it, is from 62' and it's channelled 5 inches.

From the colour, Sunburst Orange, to the grill... she's one freaky Tiki!
Ace ♠

Three Letters


Ya, it wasn't a spectacular fight... but Georges 'Rush' St-Pierre retained his welterweight championship after methodically defeating challenger Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy 03/27/2010.

Here's how the saw the unanimous 5-round decision, in the main event of UFC 111, go down.

The match was held in Newark, N.J.. As for Hardy, who is from from Nottingham, England, it was his first title fight.

It's St-Pierre's, a Canadian from Montreal, seventh straight title defense and now improves to 20-2 in his UFC career.

Here's a quote from Georges:

"I made a lot of mistakes that I'm not happy with," St-Pierre said. "I wanted to fight him on the ground where I am the strongest and I know he's the weakest. But he was a lot tougher than I thought he was. "I wanted to finish the fight in an impressive way, but I didn't. I will work with my trainers and come back stronger and better. I can't make mistakes like that."

A quip from Hardy:

"I might lack the technical skills and I might lack the strength," Hardy said. "But the one thing I have is that I'm never going to quit. I don't give up. I never give up. I don't know the meaning of tapping out."

He's tough as nails and he'll be back.

Ace ♠

Saturday, March 27, 2010

COC Swag

The fe-mailman brought me an early Easter present.

A bunch of gratis stickers courtesy Church of Choppers.

A big MERCI, to Jeff Wright and the fine folks at COC & FTWCO..

Yes... they're sweet!

However, while I was pawing through my new found swag, I noticed a little piece of paper, tucked in with all the stickers.

Here's a closer look. It's an ad for a new website called The idea behind the site is simple. If you plant to take a trip on your scoot hit the site and do a little research on your destination. They're asking other bikers to submit their experiences (IE: which highway to take, where to stay, etc.) as well. What a great idea!

Thanks again COC & good luck with the new blog site. You can count on me to post the odd trip. Because every time I go trippin', I get a little odd ;)

Ace ♠

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Straight Goods

I noticed this email in my in-box from the fine folks at Nash Motorcycles Co.

These Straight Lewis Pipes were made for Nash by SickPipes. I've featured some of their work before refer to: Pipes & Bars.

Here's a couple more pics from the NMC website. Tyler with SikPipes, takes Nash's designes and hand makes em' to their specs out of 16 gauge tig welded mandrel bent steel.

Cost $297. These Straight Lewis Pipes, can be made to fit 84-99 Evos, 2000-up Twincams, 57-85 Ironheads, or 86-up Sportsters.

These SickPipes are definitely SIC! Love em'!

Ace ♠