Monday, January 31, 2011

Motörhead on Conan 'Get Back In Line'

In case you missed it. Motörhead launched their tour on this side of the pond this week, to support their latest offering to the metal gods, 'The World Is Yours'. The Snaggletöothed hellions stopped by Conan O'brien's show 01/26/11. Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011


It never F#CKN' fails, whenever I search for something in particular, I always end up finding something else. Something... that is so far off the beaten track, that I end up not remembering what I was searching for in the first place. Case in point. Tank's '(He fell in love with a) Stormtrooper' (produced by Fast Eddy Clarke - Motörhead). This brings back memories.

OK, that's just phucking awesome!
The debut album was released in the spring of 1982. Tank (given their close association with Clarke and Motörhead) was added to the line up, in the second part of the Motörhead tour that year, which covered mostly UK dates.

The band's original members included: Algy Ward (vocals, bass) Peter Brabbs (guitar) Mike Brabbs (drums). 'Filth Hounds of Hades' was very successful debut, getting great reviews in the press and a very positive feedback from the fans. And why not, with tracks like 'Stormtrooper', 'Blood Guts & Beer', 'Struck by Lightning' and my favourite 'T.W.D.A.M.O.'. It's truly a must for any Motörheadbanger! You can pick it up here.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Hottie

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Zombie Defense Network

OK ladies and deadbeats, this is f#cking awesome! Check it. They call themselves the Zombie Defense Network. According to their website they're preparing for the coming zombpocolypse!

From their site: "Don’t just wait around for the Zombpocolypse to happen, enlist today! We are marshaling our forces for the coming outbreak and we need you. It’s 100% free and you don’t have to leave your bunker to sign up."

What is the ZDN? I have no idea, but they seem to be a bunch of hardcore, take-no-prisoners Zombie hating mofos! And like every other Tom, Dick and Dead Zombie Harry... they've got a Facebook page.

Legit or not, the ZDN uniform patch is killer. And seriously, you gotta check out the ZDN store, where you can get a zombie target to keep your weapons skills up.

(This is from their ZDN Flickr page)
These folks aren't to be confused with the book by Max Brooks, Zombie Survival Guide.
All right, as dweebie as this $hit is... their T-shirts are awesome! You gotta love it!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Hottie

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5FDP Unplugged - 'Bad Company'

It's no secret... I've been a big fan of Five Finger Death Punch from day one. In spite of the fact this song is the only tune that is getting any radio air play, the band is gaining a rabid following of fans. After you see this you may become a 5FDP supporter as well.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Gun T's

New from the fine fiolks at Dice Magazine.

Sweet! DicE girls 'Top Gun' T (including shipping to UK address) £18.95

All right, all right... stop whining! Yes they also have mens T's as well.

DicE mens 'Top Gun' T (including shipping to American address) $19.95

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Lemmy's 'Krakatoa Surprise' Contest

Love to cook and love metal, well now is your chance to combine your two favourite things and possibly win some cool swag for your efforts!

Mosh Potatoes, Loudtrax, and the Snaggletöothed wonder himself, Lemmy Kilmister are daring you to show off your culinary skills in the 'Cook Up Lemmy' contest!

Lemmy has a killer recipe called 'Krakatoa Surprise' in Steve Seabury’s hit cookbook Mosh Potatoes.

Seabury, an author and bassist with Moth Eater, has collected a number of recipes ranging from appetizers to entrees from some big time musicians.

This is a quote from Seabury in a recent interview with Roadrunner Records Blog: "The one recipe that I haven't tried yet and I am very scared to cook is a recipe called 'Krakatoa Surprise' from Lemmy. I would love to have someone send me photos of them making this one. It's insane!"

Grand Prize (approx. value $750!):
• Framed & Autographed LEMMY photograph
• Autographed Motorhead CD
• Pair of Harley-Davidson® boots
• Autographed 'Mosh Potatoes' cook book
• $20 Gift Card

2nd prize: 3 Lemmy T-shirts and a personalized copy of 'Mosh Potatoes' Cook book signed by Seabury.

Lemmy is just one of many rockers who have submitted a recipe. Here's a snapshot of Max Cavalera of Soulfly/Sepultura and his 'Brazilian Lemon Chicken'.

The entries with the most votes wins. Here’s Seabury explaining how the contest works.

Oh, in case you were wondering here's Lemmy's recipe for 'Krakatoa Surprise'.

¼ pound flour
½ pound chocolate syrup
¼ pound refried beans
 ½ pound curry powder
1 bottle strawberry syrup
¼ bottle brandy

Mix flour, syrup, beans and curry powder into a model of Krakatoa Island. Pour strawberry syrup over it to simulate lava. Pour brandy over all. Strike a match. Eat while still burning.

I think I'll stick with a double serving of Lemmy's staple... Jack and Coke.

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Friday Hottie

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wish it were mine!

I'm not necessarily a big fan of vintage motorcycles. And I am certainly not a fan of stock bikes or factory original parts. Ain't my style. But this is one kick a$$ Harley. Not just because it's circa 1913, it's still runs or because it's got a crap load of HD catalogue upgrades (installed from the dealer). It's because the first place the ol' girl was licensed for the highway, was in my own back yard. Sweeeet!

One question... what's it worth?
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Thanks Buddy!

The world needs more shop owners like this one. Forget the weekly in-store specials, or advertising a sale on (insert given item here)... this is information we need to know!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Jr Motörhead Club

I had to post this. Here's a cute shot of my friends kid, wearing the appropriate attire if I do say so myself. Love it!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Killer Tats

It's no secret, I love the artwork of David Lozeau.

This is just one of the many custom tattoo designs Lozeau has been  commissioned to do. One can only assume, the person looking to get inked, has a passion for Chevy's and fabrication work.

This recent tat is from Dave's 'Day of The Dead' series. It's a piece featuring Azza, the fallen angel of justice. (From Dave's site: Azza was banished by God for having carnal knowledge of mortal women. According to the bible, Azza is portrayed with one eye open and one eye shut, forever suspended between heaven and Earth--constantly falling, but never touching ground). Killer!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Hottie

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Motörhead Merchandise

Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? The fine folks at iMotörhead have a new offering for the new year. Check it! An 'Overkill' T, that is over the top.

This was offered on their merchandise website a few weeks ago, but I'm so behind the 8 ball I thought I'd quickly post it, if you haven't checked out the site recently.

This is another one of their items that is of particular interest to me. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to have a shot of Jack Daniel's in this shot glass? Bottoms up ladies.

If you'd like to check em' out, just click on the picture above.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Friday Hottie

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