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Happy Birthday Lemmy

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Friday Hottie

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Monday, December 20, 2010

An Early Christmas Present

From iMotörhead (the official website):

Motörhead... the loudest, coolest and most iconic rock 'n roll lifestyle around, announce their 2011 U.S./Canadian tour dates to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary and the release their new studio album "The Wörld Is Yours" on February 8, 2011.


Tue 25 Jan Anaheim CA House of Blues
Fri 28 Jan Reno NV Knitting Factory
Sat 29 Jan Las Vegas NV HOB
Mon 31 Jan San Diego CA HOB

Wed 02 Feb San Francisco CA Warfield
Fri 04 Feb Seattle WA Sodo
Sat 05 Feb Portland OR Roseland
Mon 07 Feb Vancouver BC Vogue
Wed 09 Feb Edmonton AL EEC
Thu 10 Feb Calgary AL Flames Central
Sat 12 Feb Winnipeg MT Burton
Sun 13 Feb TBA TBA
Tue 15 Feb Minneapolis MN 1st Ave
Wed 16 Feb Milwaukee WI Rave Ballroom
Thu 17 Feb Kansas City MO Midland Theatre
Sat 19 Feb Chicago IL Congress
Sun 20 Feb St Louis MO Pops
Tue 22 Feb Grand Rapids MI Orbit
Wed 23 Feb Detroit MI Royal Oak
Fri 25 Feb Kitchener ONT Elements
Sat 26 Feb Toronto ONT Koolhouse
Mon 28 Feb New York NY Best Buy

Tue 01 Mar Boston MA House of Blues (AVALON)
Thu 03 Mar Sayerville NJ Starland Ballroom
Fri 04 Mar Atlantic City NJ House of Blues
Sat 05 Mar TBA TBA
Tue 08 Mar Austin TX Stubb's
Thu 10 Mar Tempe AZ Marquee Theatre
Fri 11 Mar Los Angeles CA Nokia Live

I can't wait!

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Onslaught Covers Bömber

OK... this is kick a$$! Onslaught, the thrash metal legends from Bristol, England have released a cover of Motörhead's 'Bomber' prior to unveiling their forthcoming CD/album (number five), 'Sounds Of Violence'.

The single will also include the title track from the new CD/album 'Sounds Of Violence'.

Lead guitarist Nige Rockett was recently interviewed by Blabbermouth. Rockett was quoted as saying "Motörhead have always been a huge influence on Onslaught".

Rockett added "We've given it a pretty aggressive Onslaught slant and thrashed it up little, but still very much retaining the original identity of the song".

To spice things up a bit and make things a little more interesting, the band added two very special guests to sit in on the recording.

Yup, Phil Campbell was asked to add his unique sound to the mix and laid down a pretty awesome riff for the new tune!

Sodom lead singer Tom Angelripper shared the vocal duties with Onslaught's Sy  Keeler. Rockett says "He laid down some great f#cking vocals, as you will hear, and it's really added something special to the final result."

'Sounds Of Violence' is set to be released in the U.K. 01/28/2011 and in North America 02/08/2011.

They just posted the 'Bomber' video and it features Phil and Angelripper tearing it up. Love what Phil has to say about his payment for his involvement in the song.

Hats off to the boys, that cover is worth adding to any metal collection if I say so myself... and I say so, MOFO!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Megadethmas

Check it. I found these killer Christmas cards on Megadeth's Facebook page. The band held a contest, awarding prizes for the best cards. Here are the top 3 cards.

They're frickn' awesome!

Here's the 2010 Megadeth Christmas Card winner, 1st placeScott Zelazny.

Love it! Scott wins a phone call from 'Disgruntled Dave M' on Christmas Day! And two meet 'n greet passes to meet Megadeth on tour.

(check out the red Christmas ball)

Theses last two are killer as well! Wow, some talented offerings from Mega-fans! You know, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to receiving one of these cards in the mail. Merry Megadethmas indeed!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Hottie

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

'The World is Yours'

'The World is Yours' will finally be released to the rest of the world January 25, 2011. The album is produced by Motörhead and Cameron Webb under the label, Motörhead Music/EMI Music Services.

Shortly after the band began recording the album in late spring, Phil Campbell's father died. Lemmy and Mikkey decided to rent a studio in Wales, to allow Phil to stay close to his family and continue working on the album.

Lemmy and Mikkey then laid down the rest of the voice, bass and drum tracks in Los Angeles. Yup... after 35 years, not much can keep this band down.

For those Canuckleheads who would like to pre-order, or want to buy it for that special someone on their Christmas wish list, Amazon has it for sale.

The album, which is alreay available in the UK, was reviewed by James Green Jr. of Crawdaddy Magazine.
Here's the track listing. 'TWIY' has 10 new songs and word has it, 'Get Back in Line' is a killer track... one many are saying is an 'instant classic'!

1.Born To Lose
2.I Know How To Die
3.Get Back In Line
4.Devils In My Head
5.Rock ‘n’ Roll Music
6.Waiting For The Snake
7.Brotherhood Of Man
9.I Know What You Need
10.Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

Want to check the lyrics on these bitchn' songs, click here.

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Lemmy - 'Ace of Spades' Voice Track

You may have already heard this but a good buddy sent it to me to remind me, just how much I löve Motörhead!

This is the original voice track for the song the 'Ace of Spades'.

What amazes me is the fact Lemmy did in one take! Just have a listen and take note of the intensity in his voice. His timing and the way he hits his notes (albeit with a raspy hellion furry). It's full bore, guns-a-blazing, take no prisoners Lemmy... right to the end of the track!

Phucken awesome!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Hottie

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sideburn Scarf

Ideas for that biker on your Christmas shopping list.

Check it. The good folks at Sideburn have a new scarf that totally rocks! I've added the link to their blog site Sideblog, if you wanna check out any other gift ideas.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rob 'Blasko' Nicholson or Derek Smalls

OK, now that the fog has cleared from the Ozzy concert, I'm starting to recall some of the more humorous moments from that night. This tops the list.

As we were watching the show (we were stage right - left if you're in the audience) and closer to Rob 'Blasko' Nicholson (Ozzy's new bassist) and my buddy says to me "Hey, is it just me or does Ozzy's bassist look like Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap!"

I looked again... and said "Holy F#ck, ya... he does!"

Are we nuts or do you see the similarity as well? C'mon... even if you're the biggest Ozzy/Blasko fan in the world, ya gotta admit... Harry Shearer's (the actor who portrays Smalls), character is all-but Blasko ringer.

Given that this is the Motörheadster  Blog, you should know... Rob includes Lemmy/Motorhead as one of his influences... sadly, not Smalls!

On that note, I leave you with a quote from the man himself.

Derek Smalls: "We're very lucky in the band in that we have two visionaries, David and Nigel. They're like poets, like Shelley and Byron. They're two distinct types of visionaries, it's like fire and ice, basically. I feel my role in the band is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water".

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Hottie

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ozzy in River City

My hearing has finally returned to normal. The 'Prince of Darkness' Ozzy Osbourne and crew ripped it up in the River City 11/20/2010.

The stage featured a simple setup with a huge Ozzy sign in front of a video screen. We had incredible seats and the speakers were just above our heads. Needless to say, I forgot my earplugs. Ya, I'm gettin' old, f#ck off!

Ozzy and his four-piece band covered 40 years of metal with Black Sabbath favourites 'Fairies Wear Boots', 'War Pigs', 'N.I.B.' and 'Iron Man'.
He also played some new material and all time faves as well like: 'I Don't Know', 'Crazy Train' and 'Flying High Again'.
Photo courtesy: Dogbite

There of course were various concussion bombs and pyrotechnic explosions, but it was the music fans were there for and they weren't disappointed.

New guitarist Gus G. doesn't command the stage like his predecessor Zakk Wylde did,

but he proved himself worthy enough to fill the shoes of the formidable guitarists whose riffs he cranked out all night.

From those killer power chords of Tony Iommi...

to Randy Rhoads' lightning fingered solos.
Gus told the Greek edition of Metal Hammer how he got the gig with Ozzy, "I got a message on my MySpace page from Rob 'Blasko' (Nicholson), Ozzy's bass player, asking me what was doing, if I was living in America or not and saying that he wanted to talk to me.

I never thought he'd want me for something like that (playing with Ozzy). I initially thought that maybe he wanted to talk to me about doing a project or something and then he told me that one of Ozzfest's managers was looking for me".

The manager said that they wanted me to fly out to Los Angeles immediately for a show that Ozzy was about to do in Anaheim, California."

Prior to the show, this is froman interview Ozzy gave to a local rag. "I mean, rock 'n' roll is getting stoned and getting f#cking drunk". "It's part of the job, you know. I suppose for an alcoholic or drug addict, it's the perfect job, you know. I don't think you can ever think of another job where you would turn up stoned," he said. "People would go, f#cking hell, you've got to do surgery today."

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow Skull & Cross Bones

Once my daughter and I finished shoveling, we decided to have some fun. She made snow Angels. Went sledding and did some snow carvings. Yup, she made this skull and cross bones! A chip of the ol' block!

What eles would you expect from a kid who loves to go for rides on her dad"s Harley!

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Have Guns, Will Travel

If you frequent this blog, you know I'm a big fan of David Lozeau. Here's a recent painting he did for a Vietnam Vet I thought was worthy of a post.

This work is called 'Have Guns, Will Travel'. It's a 16x20, done in acrylics and 1 Shot enamel on claybord. Vintage David!

The painting is a commission for this highly decorated Vietnam Vet who was a gunner for the US Marine Corps and flew hundreds of missions in a UH-1E chopper.

From Dave's site: They were shot down twice over the course of a few years and nicknamed "The Warriors" with the slogan “Have Guns, Will Travel.” On June 21, 1969, they dropped the first helicopter bomb.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Radical Vintage Front End

Wow! Imagine pullin' up beside this bitchn' scoot at a stop light. Not only is that Ol' Panhead a killer bike with it's gleaming chrome and copper accents, that front end is drop dead, kick-a$$, motha f#ckn' gorgeous!

The crazy custom bike builders at Rooster Custom Cycles (in collaboration with Perse Performance) is about to release this "back-in-the-day" classic suspension with some modern updates.

Aside from the chrome, the first thing that catches your eye is that shock.

Rooster enlisted the engineering department at Penske Motor Sports to hook em' up with a shock for the vintage front end that would allow for a varying degree of riding styles and feels.

And as expected... this back-to-the-future front end will be available to suit any frame configuration.

And you know I wouldn't mention it in the Motörheadster Blog, unless there was a bolt on kit for Sportster models. But it ain't cheap!

The polished stainless steel front end w/ headlight, brake mount and fender straps, just over $5000. If you want it powder coated DOM tube w/ stainless steel components, headlight, brake mount and fender straps, just over $4,000. That front end will put a big hole in your rear end where your wallet sits.

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