Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slayer / Megadeth Concert

The Canadian Carnage tour hit the city the other night.

I'm ashamed to say I couldn't get to it. Ya... I'm pi$$ed! There's really no excuse to miss such a kick a$$ band.

In my own defense, I did see Slayer the last time they were in town, and according to the reviewer, it must have been a long time ago.

Apparently this is the first time they've been back since 'Satan was a schoolboy'. Does that mean I'm getting old?

Here's a review of the concert from a local paper.


Need more... here's a great photo gallery from a concert just the other night (on the same tour) from Edmon-chuck.


(That is a wicked photo of Kerry King)

Megadeth was also on the ticket.

From what I understand Dave Mustaine didn't disappoint. I believe he was just recently given the title as one of the greatest metal guitarist in the world, in Joel Mciver's new book 'The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists'.

Say what you want... the guy can frickn' shred. Here's a link to a review of Joel's book (there's a ton out there).


Maybe I'll have a chance to see them again... hopefully it won't be another twenty years or so between shows.

Ace ♠

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Front Rocker Gasket Replaced

Another day of rain, means another day of wrenchin'. I figured it was time to tackle that oil leak.

As my Father-in-law would say "Lord hates a coward". Let's open her up and see what we got goin' on.

As a precursor I should again explain that I'm not a technician, nor do I have experience ripping engines apart. I'm simply a guy (or a simple guy, your choice) who likes to try and do things on his own. There's lots of help available, like on-line manuals and repair books and articles that are very informative. You can do the stuff I'm doing as well. Changing the gaskets and seals (as you'll see below) isn't all that difficult. Just take your time. Place all the parts in separate areas and label them if you have to so you'll put them back in their respective and appropriate places. If you need to, make a drawing of the piece (or pieces) you're removing or even take sequential pictures or video. Who cares what anyone else thinks of how you do it... the bottom line is you did it yourself. The sense of accomplishment and pride you'll feel, will more than outweigh some morons opinion of your mechanical skills.

Front rocker top off.

This seal looks fine, but I'll change it anyway because I just happen to have an extra one kickn' around. I changed the rear top rocker seal over the winter when I had the bike apart. There was a small oil leak near the rear exhaust port (nothing in comparison to this front rocker leak).

If that seal's good... that means we gotta go deeper. Down another layer to the gasket.

With the lower rocker section off, let's flip her over and see... whuz uuuuuuuuuuup.

Holy shredded paper gaskets Batman!

Just look at the size of it... that's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered gasket you ever set eyes on (Sorry. Sorryyy, Monty Python humour)!

Zoiks Scoob, that's a real tear. All right, enough already... back to the task at hand.

Take a look at that, you might say it's a double whammy. That's the other side and she ain't doing much better. Another clean tear.

Ah huh, this is the area wear the gasket was compromised. A real gusher. Black gold... Texas tea.

Here's the new gasket I picked up from the friendly folks at my local H-D shop. It's one solid piece and it's made of steel wrapped in, what feels like, a light rubber layer. It's a new design because the O.G. 98' gasket was paper and there were two of them.

Chuck (the parts guru) says this model year gasket has gone through a few changes over the years, to improve it's durability and dependability. In other words... ya, there was a design flaw and the old gaskets didn't hold up to the wear & tear of everyday ridin'. Now they think they got it right. We'll soon see.

These old dog dishes will work great for screws and bolts and for washing parts.

But, first it's time to scrape off the remnants of the old paper gaskets. It took a while because I didn't want to scratch, scrape or damage to aluminum casings.

Now scrub-a-dub-dub in da tub! The dog dish is a little small, but it'll do the trick.

Looks clean, let's button her up.

The gasket fits and as I've mentioned before (in previous posts) I'm no mechanic, so I'm just gonna take my time putting things back together. Reverse the steps and use the torque wrench where required.

Make sure all the rubber seals and gaskets are in place.

Put the cover back on and let's fire it up.

Ummmmm, still rainin'. I'm not necessarily a 'fair weather rider', but I'm spent.

Time for a wobbly pop! And hey.... when I do get back from my ride, I won't have to park over a greasy old shop rag. I hope.

Ace ♠

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sneakers & Flannel

It was said without malice. It was not an insult, nor was it said in jest. It was simply one persons opinion. An observation.

As I pulled into work, parked and got off the bike, my friend (co-worker and fellow biker) Glenn was leaving the building and heading to his truck. He looked over to me and simply stated "You're lookin' West Coast".

He was referring to my choice of riding apparel.

I believe he had this guy in mind. I didn't know what to say.

I've never really thought about what I wear when I'm on my bike, except to say that... I'll wear what I want, when I want.

For me, it all depends on the conditions with which I'll be riding in (not what's fashionable in the so-called "biker world").

what anyone thinks... or about what anyone else is wearing. However, Glenn's friendly comment got me thinking (insert joke here).

I don't have a particular style and I certainly don't have riding gear set aside that I religiously wear (IE: leather jacket, riding boots, neoprene face mask, gloves, chaps/pants and a black H-D shirt).

Not that there's anything wrong with that. To each his own, people can wear what they want. I don't care. And I certainly wouldn't tell 'The Gent' what to wear. He'd kick my a$$.

My fashion tastes (or lack there of) come from being raised in a northern pulp & paper town and my love of metal, tattoos, NASCAR, 18-wheelers, motorcycles and skateboarding.

That means; jeans & jean jacket, T-shirts, runners, boots, my chain wallet and flannel.

Al Borland flannel, I don't think so Tim.

Jessica Simpson... maybe.

I wonder if any of these guys are from my home town?

My favourite clothing lines, to my wife's displeasure, include:

'Lucky 13', 'Hart & Huntington' and 'Miami Ink'. Let's not forget any Motorhead t-shirt in my closet. (Refer to blog post '1983 Motorhead T-shirt')

As for footwear, when I ride I love wearing my sneakers.
I have worn high top Chucks since Jr. High School.

I haven't had a pair for a couple of years and finally picked some up. Man did I miss em'.

Oh, uh... I guess I'm not the only one who prefers sneakers.

Uh... and flannel.

Some may think I'm stupid for not wearing riding apparel that would offer me some protection against the elements, or heaven forbid, a nasty spill onto asphalt.

Oh contraire my friend.

I have both a heavy leather jacket (which is well padded) as well as an FXR leather Velocity jacket (more armour than a knight of King Arthur's).

When the weather goes to crap, I own a pair of CAT shoes as well as a pair of boots (and rain gear). You may also know (if you seen the post 'Out for a Rip on the Motorheadster') that I own a Jockey helmet (I have several others).

Let me be real clear, this post is in no way an apology or an explanation and I certainly don't need to defend my choices. To reiterate, Ill frick'n wear what's comfortable... yes even shorts! GASP! OMG!

I ain't tyrin' to please anyone. I left peer pressure back in high school. So... if I happen to look like this guy on my bike, so be it!

At least I'm ridin'. That's more than I can say for some posers in their Harley shirts, black waffle jackets and leather boots (and no bike).

For some reason... I don't think this guy qualifies as a wanna-be.

I do have a confession to make. I actually own a Harley-Davidson shirt. It's a sleeveless twenty year old classic that I've never, ever worn riding. I wear it under my hockey equipment.

Yup... stinks to high heaven.

PS - I forgot to mention, I'll soon be adding another gauge on the bike. It's called an IDGAF gauge. It's for those people with big mouths and free flowing opinions. If I have to explain the acronym, no offense, but you just don't get it!

Ace ♠