Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gettin' the Itch

Can't wait to get the Motörheadster out of storage!

However, before I hit the road I have some minor repairs to take care of. And I'm a little pi$$ed thet I've gotta buy a new gator or fork boot as I call em'. Yep, another one... and the same side. This is the third boot I've replaced on the right fork, in 2 years.

I can only assume it happened because of the bandanna I tie around the lower legs at the bottom of the boots. I guess it was too tight and the gator wasn't able to recoil far enough and ripped.

Why would I tie a bandanna around the forks you ask. Well, if you're not runnin' a front fender you need somthin' to keep the rain out of your face, on those stormy rides. Worked like a charm... I called it my Bandanna Fender.

I did chat with my local H-D dealer about the problem. They suggested I use a lubricant on the fork tube to allow the gator to better slide on the tube. They're only $14 a piece, but after you buy 3 of em', they're getting a little pricey. 

Ace ♠

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