Thursday, May 26, 2011

GKM On The Way

Issue #21 Greasy Kulture Magazine is in stores (or in my case soon to be in the mail and on the way) now.

From their site: The new issue features Jeff Leighton's slimline '68 genny Shovel on the cover, and all this sweetness inside including: Frank Kaisler's column: Pete’s studio. From Oz, Mark Austin’s UMG-based bob-job. Hawg Holic Gak’s crusty ’38 Knucklehead... and more.

While I can't wait to read this month's edition, cover to cover... I'm already looking forward to another issue.
Here's why.

It's going to feature Paul's '70 Shovel. The paint is killer! Yes, if ever there was a cool riding snap, this is the epitome of what a road shot should be.

Ace ♠

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