Thursday, January 26, 2012

Garage Company

A buddy of mine was in California recently and paid a visit to a long time custom bike builder and former bike racer. No, not that custom bike builder in Long Beach.

This is one of his sick builds. The name of the shop he was at, is Garage Company. It's owned and operated by Yoshinobu Kosaka AKA: Yoshi.

This wicked motorcycle shop began life as a hobby, that grew out of control.

Yoshi began collecting bike when he was a dental tech. in Japan. After moving to the States, he continued collecting motorcycles. He was into Kawasaki H1Rs, Ducati 750SS, Norton production racers, MV Agustas and BMWs. In 1986 Yoshi started racing AHRMA.

Yellow Devil gear exchange has a great article on Yoshi.

The shop is a glorified museum. You name it, it's here - if it has anything to do with the world of vintage motorcycle racing.

Now to his custom bikes. This bobber, in my humble opinion, is one of the sweetest of em' all.

Mind you, I would've eliminated the front fender and given it a 3" belt drive.

Yoshi's team has crafted 40 plus choppers and/or bobbers, and with each build they seem to raise the bar in the ultra-competitive world of custom motorcycles.

And then... there's this scoot.

Yep, you may (or may not) recognize it from ET or TMZ or from one of the many other Hollywood TV shows/rags out there.

Its soccer star David Beckham's ride.

I love the old and tattered look with faux rust, exposed welds and vintage wiring. Absolutely rad!

Dave's red pants... not so much.

Ace ♠

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