Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have A Seat

My buddy just got back from La La land. While he was there, he made the all important pilgrimage (which all metal aficionados must) to the Rainbow bar and grill.

Why the Rainbow you ask. Well, besides being one of the best rock and roll bars on the planet, it's also the local watering hole of the Snaggletöothed wonder: Lemmy Kilmister.

Here he is in his usual spot. Sitting in front of a electronic one-armed bandit, Marlborough in hand and a Jack and Coke on the bar.

Sadly, Lem wasn't at the bar during my buddies visit. So instead of getting a picture with the metal legend, he took a photo of his chair. Lame? I guess... but what else you gonna do. Yes, as a matter of fact he did drink.

Lemmy has posed for many a snap both inside and outside the infamous pub.

You will be happy to know the waitress who appeared in the documentary Lemmy: The Movie did happen to serve my mate. Oh, and he did buy me an ashtray. So, no autograph or snap with Ian. Instead... my buddy got half-snapped.

Ace ♠

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