Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock and Roll Beer Fridge

This is one kick a$$... fridge?
Yep, whether you play an axe or not this is the coolest way to keep your wobbly pops cool!

Check it, the Marshall Fridge.

It’s a man-cave sized fridge disguised as a Marshall half-stack. And it's construction is so 'bang on', you won't be able to tell it's not a real amp.

According to the ad, it’s got authentic Marshall facing, just over 4cu feet of space (it can hold a few cases of beer) and most importantly, control knobs that actually go to 11!


Lemmy Kilmister uses Marshall and here's what he has to say about the legendary sound blasters. "Marshall amps and speakers have stood behind me on every continent in the world (except Africa) and I have never found anyone better to have at my back".
To buy this fridge, just click on the price $299

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Aaliyah said...

It's great.
Thank you so much!
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