Friday, October 19, 2012

Lowside Magazine

OK, I take my head outa' my a$$ for a moment and what do I discover (aside from the fact I'm a no-good-for-nothing-motorcycle-riding-lowlife), Lowside Magazine.

This biker rag is dope! Why has no one told me about this totally killer publication or the guys behind it? Hmph, I need new friends.

This is my kinda' mag. Based outa' Baltimore, Maryland, the folks who produce/publish it, live it and actually know WTF they're talking about. 

This is one of the guys behind the madness, senior photographer Doug 'Q-ball' Barber. I'm sure you've seen his work.

('Dixie Welcome')

Yep, he captured this classic moment in (biker) Americana history. You can see more of Barber's award winning pics (and Eddie Sorez Pliska's poetry) in his book 'Living the Life', documenting the biker lifestyle. Cyril Huze wrote a great review last March. 

Back to the mag. Here's what Doug and his motley crew have to say about who they are and what they do. "With the roots of building and riding garage built suicide machines as a passion and print, design and photography as our trade, Lowside Syndicate was formed to offer the world it's efforts of expressing our art on wheels, in ink."

The folks at Dime City Cycle wrote a fantastic piece on Lowside and instead of me trying to pretend I didn't plagiarize the $hit out of it, I'm just gonna add a link to it.

One last note. They make and sell some parts (like the points cover above) and swag from their www store.

Yep, that is one sweet T. Hey Q-ball, if you happen to read this I wear a large... wink wink, nudge nudge. 

Ace ♠

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