Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Before Pictures

Well, here she is... the 'OG' 1998 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 883 Hugger.

The bike was stock except for the bars, front turn signal mounts and pipes.

This is what the tank looked like before I took the sander to it. Not a bad paint scheme, it just didn't fit my idea of a cool bike.

Here is how the speedo looked in it's original position(it's now on the side of the engine). I have seen smaller gauges mounted on engines, but I still wanted all my lights and didn't want to pay big bucks for some thing I already had and worked just fine.

Notice the dual mirrors.
Now I have one, it's reversed and under the handle bars and I painted it black (of course).

The only modifications I made were the Gimp handle bars from Nash Bros. Motorcycles. I bought them for my XS650 project and decided they'd look a hell of a lot better on the Sporty.

The pipes are Screamin' Eagle. The original owner installed them and they sound great. There was some rust on the back side of the pipes and heat shields. Nothing sand blasting and paint couldn't handle.

The 'OG' seat was over stuffed and the buttons make it look hokey. I'm old school, so it had to go. It added over 2 inches to the ride height, however it was very comfortable.

(I will add more information in the near future)

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