Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Motörheadster (Read first it defines my Blog)

Welcome to Motörheadster.

This blog is dedicated to my two passions in life... Motörhead and my Harley-Davidson. I have combined both to create one sweet ride called the Motörheadster! My posts include everything from Motörhead's most recent tour dates, news about the band and their concerts... to customizing my bike, my motorcycle adventures and all that is related to motorcycles, metal and general mayhem. Enjoy.

Post update
**I have since painted the front lower legs black - check out the posts 'Lower Legs Painted' & 'Nice legs, Shame about the Face' for details and pictures**

Ladies & Gentlemen... "The Motörheadster"

1998 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL - Engine is stock
Two-tone paint, semi gloss black & flat black, white pin striping, vinyl decals from Rotten Remains eBay store.

12' Gimp handle bars (Nash Bros. Motorcycles) internal wiring
Front turn signals mounted on a bracket on the frame above the horn
Fork boots (gators) from Harley-Davidson

Cast aluminum 13-spoke rims and pulley were sand blasted & powder coated semi-gloss black
Low profile seat ('OG' seat pan just modified with new foam and black vinyl)

Heat shields were sand blasted, drilled & painted flat black
Sprocket cover is drilled, chopped & painted flat black

'OG' air cleaner painted flat black & pinstriped

(click on picture for close up)

Speedometer moved to lower left side of the engine, the bracket is painted flat black
'OG' coil moved to the side engine mount next to the choke.

The 'OG' gas tank has been raised above the original mounting holes (approx. 2") it gives it that "Frisco" look.

License plate Mounted on a bracket & moved to left rear lower shock bolt. License plate lights from Kapsco Moto eBay store.

Ignition ('OG') moved under the battery tray

5 1/2 inch chrome headlight bucket from Harley-Davidson

**I did all of the fabricating, painting, wrenching and soldering & wiring.**

Ace ♠

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