Friday, January 14, 2011

Lemmy's 'Krakatoa Surprise' Contest

Love to cook and love metal, well now is your chance to combine your two favourite things and possibly win some cool swag for your efforts!

Mosh Potatoes, Loudtrax, and the Snaggletöothed wonder himself, Lemmy Kilmister are daring you to show off your culinary skills in the 'Cook Up Lemmy' contest!

Lemmy has a killer recipe called 'Krakatoa Surprise' in Steve Seabury’s hit cookbook Mosh Potatoes.

Seabury, an author and bassist with Moth Eater, has collected a number of recipes ranging from appetizers to entrees from some big time musicians.

This is a quote from Seabury in a recent interview with Roadrunner Records Blog: "The one recipe that I haven't tried yet and I am very scared to cook is a recipe called 'Krakatoa Surprise' from Lemmy. I would love to have someone send me photos of them making this one. It's insane!"

Grand Prize (approx. value $750!):
• Framed & Autographed LEMMY photograph
• Autographed Motorhead CD
• Pair of Harley-Davidson® boots
• Autographed 'Mosh Potatoes' cook book
• $20 Gift Card

2nd prize: 3 Lemmy T-shirts and a personalized copy of 'Mosh Potatoes' Cook book signed by Seabury.

Lemmy is just one of many rockers who have submitted a recipe. Here's a snapshot of Max Cavalera of Soulfly/Sepultura and his 'Brazilian Lemon Chicken'.

The entries with the most votes wins. Here’s Seabury explaining how the contest works.

Oh, in case you were wondering here's Lemmy's recipe for 'Krakatoa Surprise'.

¼ pound flour
½ pound chocolate syrup
¼ pound refried beans
 ½ pound curry powder
1 bottle strawberry syrup
¼ bottle brandy

Mix flour, syrup, beans and curry powder into a model of Krakatoa Island. Pour strawberry syrup over it to simulate lava. Pour brandy over all. Strike a match. Eat while still burning.

I think I'll stick with a double serving of Lemmy's staple... Jack and Coke.

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