Monday, January 24, 2011

Zombie Defense Network

OK ladies and deadbeats, this is f#cking awesome! Check it. They call themselves the Zombie Defense Network. According to their website they're preparing for the coming zombpocolypse!

From their site: "Don’t just wait around for the Zombpocolypse to happen, enlist today! We are marshaling our forces for the coming outbreak and we need you. It’s 100% free and you don’t have to leave your bunker to sign up."

What is the ZDN? I have no idea, but they seem to be a bunch of hardcore, take-no-prisoners Zombie hating mofos! And like every other Tom, Dick and Dead Zombie Harry... they've got a Facebook page.

Legit or not, the ZDN uniform patch is killer. And seriously, you gotta check out the ZDN store, where you can get a zombie target to keep your weapons skills up.

(This is from their ZDN Flickr page)
These folks aren't to be confused with the book by Max Brooks, Zombie Survival Guide.
All right, as dweebie as this $hit is... their T-shirts are awesome! You gotta love it!

Ace ♠

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