Monday, November 14, 2011

New 5FDP Video 'Under it, Over it'

Love the new single/video from Five Finger Death Punch 'Under it Over it', from the new CD 'American Capitalist'.

Music columnist Darryl Smyers of the Dallas Observer interviewed guitarist Jason Hook. Here's an excerpt from the one-on-one below. 
Darryl Smyers: There is a wide demographic of people who go to hear the band live. What does it take to appeal to fans of many different ages?

Jason Hook: I think it comes down to songs, personality and performance. There is a lot there for everybody. If you are a drummer, we have a star drummer. If you like hotshot guitar playing, we have that. If you are into bands that are angry, we are certainly that. But we also have melodies and choruses. There is a lot there for just about everybody. We are the eBay of metal.

Love it. The rest of the interview is just as revealing. (click on the link provided for more)

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