Friday, November 11, 2011

Build Off? Nah, Rip Off!

This is total bull $hit! Anyone who knows anything about motorcycles, (or has half a brain in their head) will see this upcoming television special for what it really is: a desperate ratings cash grab.

Discovery Channel has pitted the father/son team of Paul Teutul and Paul Jr (from American Chopper) against Jesse James (of West Coast Choppers) in a bike build off.

It's called Chopper Live: American Chopper - the Build Off. Ha, more like American Crapper: the blatant rip off!

Seriously. Lets just lay the facts out there. Paul Sr. is a tin brasher by trade and originally owned Orange County Ironworks, a fabrication shop.

The Teutuls have never built a bike from the ground up (they do some fabrication, but it is limited to specific builds). They order all the parts they need: buying frames, engines and tins and then have their hired minions slap em' together. Yes, they do 'help' but it's limited to 'on camera' time. Junior has skills, but in no way can they be compared to that of James. He's not in the same league. Period.

And say what you will about Jesse James, people don't like the fact he cheated on Sandra.

His private life aside... the man is one of, if not the best, custom bike builder/designer/fabricator on the planet. Period. Personally I'd rather watch a rerun of 'Shark Week'.

Yeah, I may have seen it before but at least these blood thirsty sharks are real, as opposed to the money hungry impostors after ratings and another opportunity to sell DVD's and bobble heads.

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