Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Iron Fist

On this day in Motörhead history April 17, 1982 'Iron Fist' is released.

Need something to commemorate the occasion? How about a cool f#ckin' T-shirt.

From their web store: Motörhead Iron Fist double sided Men's Tee. "(Don't Let 'Em) GRIND YA DOWN" proudly displayed on the back of the shirt. Made by Hanes Heavyweight of soft 100% cotton.

Get it here;

So... still bitchin' that the OG lineup of Kilmister, Clarke and Taylor is, and forever will be, the best Motörhead trio of all time? Well, here's 'Iron Fist' then and now, 30 years later.

You be the judge bitches.

Mikkey Dee is f#ckin' amazing, Phil can shred with the best of 'em and Lemmy, never better. As for my choice, well I'm unlike those who choose one lineup over another because it's simple:

Motörhead is Lemmy, Lemmy is Motörhead. Period.

Ace ♠

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