Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nicotine, Gasoline and Alcohol.

Ladies and dirt bags it's been a while since I last uploaded my thoughts to this sorry excuse for a blog, but if you're lookin' for an apology (because I haven't hammered out the odd live show review, detailed my riding adventures or my most recent surfing exploits) you can kiss my a$$.

However, this is SO worthy of a post... I had to parked the scoot and sit my sorry a$$ down in front of my Mac for 20 or so minutes, to pass on this awesome piece of metal bashing brilliance.

It's called: Nicotine, gasoline and alcohol.

Yep, there's a beer holder and a place for your smokes in this sweet lookin' fuel cell.

Truth be told, I'm surprised someone hasn't designed/fabricated something similar sooner. I mean it makes perfect sense. 

Sure... you can buy a 6061 billet aluminum motorcycle storage tube from Harley-Davidson for $160, but that's f#ckin' gay compared to this tank.

I mean just look at it. F#ckin' brilliant! You may need a leather strap with snap affixed to hold your Camels in place at 60 mph. 

For more on the man behind the madness check the link.

Ace ♠

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