Thursday, June 28, 2012

Club Black

OK, the boys at Wrench Monkees have done it again. I'm totally digging this Sportster.

They've dubbed it Club Back.

This low down Harley Davidson Sportster has a standard frame (albeit raked a little) engine, swingarm, rearshocks, front forks, and wheels.

However, the seat and seatcowl are custom from Wrench Monkees (Those seatcowls are truely their trade mark). The tank and handlebars are also WM design.

I love this angle. The Club Black boasts a 19" Firestone Deluxe front tire.

And it sports a 16" Firestone Deluxe rear. As well as an open, pant shredding chain drive. Absolutely killer!

Tarozzi footpegs seem to just blend into the bike.

The exhaust is a 2-into-1 WM creation, not to mention the custom paint.

Hey, can't afford a bike from Wrenck Monkees (like me)? Well, you can always get the T-shirt.

Ace ♠

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