Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shut Your Möuth

So, I was searching for a review of the Motörhead show at the Sweden Rock Festival, when I noticed a number of other hits about snuff or chewing tobacco.

I thought what the hell is this? So I clicked on this link:

(click on pic for more)

Yep, in collaboration with one of the baddest bands in the world, Motörhead by Grov 'Shut Your Mouth' was released at the Rock Festival. The special tins and limited edition snus is a product of the major tobacco brand Swedish Match.

I guess Motörhead fans in the UK have been anticipating this release. I mean the more I looked, the more I realized the Internet was buzzing with rumors and speculation about this special edition snus!

Seriously!? Unbenounced to me Mikkey Dee, Motörhead's drummer is a snus user and has has been for years. Quote: "I love snus and have been using Grovsnus as long as I can remember."
Slash, the former lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses has recently quit smoking with snus as well. Not sure if he uses 'Shut Your Mouth'.

Like everyhting Motörhead, the snus by Grovsnus comes in a uniquely Motörhead designed tin. Killer, period.

No matter how you get your nicotine fix, you gotta admit... the fridge used for the official announcement would make a great beer fridge.

Here are the boys at the release party for Motörhead by Grovsnus, with Phil, Lemmy and Mikkey.

So just 'Shut Your Mouth' with Motörhead snus between your cheek and gum.

Ace ♠

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