Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday 'Rock 'N' Roll'

On this day in Motörhead history 09/05/1987, the album 'Rock 'N' Roll' is released.

It was produced by: Motörhead and Guy Bidmead under the GWR label.

Line up:
Lemmy Kilmister: bass, vocals
Phillip Campbell: guitars
Wurzel: guitars
Phil Taylor: drums

Rock 'n' Roll
Eat the Rich
Stone Deaf in the USA
The Wolf
All for You

Alan Burridge of Motörheadbanger (Motörhead's official fan club) had this to say about the album.

Pete Gill had gone his way and Phil Taylor had returned and we're firmly entrenched in Motörhead classics with this album in every way. The title track is one of my anthems of life (thanks Lem) and one which we all most surely must recognize as Motörhead fans. Classics indeed, favorites for me being the title, Blackheart and the first I believe, Motörhead love song in All For You. Whatever you make of it is up to you. Brilliant both musically and lyrically, sung by Lem so plaintively. Another one never played live which should have been. Let's hope they drag it kicking and screaming into their set someday.


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