Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SIK Scoots

If I ever win the lottery, I'm gonna be knockin' on this guys shop door. The builder of this SIK scooter is Dalton Walker, his shop is called Split Image Kustoms.

His bikes, (like this beauty featured in Easyriders) are hand crafted, drop dead sexy custom works of art!

Dalton is truly one of the best, new 'master buildres' out there. In a world of bolt on, store bought, cookie cutter knock offs... Dalton's chops/bobs stand out. For example, on this bike he hand built the frame and front end... and just about everything else.

I mean just take a peek at the unique exhaust system, it's killer!

Walker's 46' knuckle was awarded best in show at the 2011 David Mann Chopperfest.

Check it, a chain driven generator. Yep, f#ckn' radical!

Here's what Walker had to say about this head turning original rolling piece of art: "I was trying to nail the ‘60s–‘70s show bike look without breaking the bank—I’ve got less than 10k’s into the whole build, but thousands of hours."

Need more proof of his metal mastery, well Micheal Lichter also profiled one of his award winning bikes, check it here.

Hm, flying brass knuckles. I think Von Dutch would even approve.

Ace ♠

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