Friday, November 16, 2012

5FDP Bagger

What began as an online contest to choose a guitar and musician as the base to create a custom musically inspired Victory Motorcycle, concluded with one killer ride.

This is it, the 5 Finger Death Punch Victory Bagger. Yep, she's pretty sweet.

Victory hooked up with Gibson Guitars for a promotion to build a bike to be auctioned off to help their charity, Gibson Foundation.

And that's where 5FDP's Jason Hook comes into the picture.

Hook's Gibson Explorer guitar dubbed “Sarge”, was voted by fans in Rolling Stone Magazine to provide the graphic theme for the one-of-a-kind scoot.

The bike was unveiled in August at Sturgis. If you'd like to own this steel horse go here.

Given I'm a big fan of Jason's and 5FDP, I thought I'd post this bad boy as well.

This video is from Victory Motorcycles' site. Enjoy.

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