Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cowboys From Hell - 20th Anniversary

It's f#ckin' hard to believe Pantera's album, 'Cowboys From Hell' was released 20 years ago!

Many say this is the landmark album that stamped the band's pummeling rhythmic, bone-crushing sound and was for all-intense-and-purposes, the quintessential beginning of the band.

The reason - it was the official debut of the Pantera lineup with singer Philip Anselmo, 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott, his brother Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown.

To celebrate the occasion, Rhino is releasing a $hit load of CFH musical memorabilia. Including three anniversary collections for the Pantera aficionado, like this two-disc expanded edition.

This includes a newly remastered version of the original album along with unreleased and rare live performances.

"But wait if you order now...." There is also a three-disc deluxe edition for your listening pleasure.

It also has a remastered version of the original CD along with unreleased and live performances from the CFH Tour. On the third disk - unreleased demos for nearly every album track. Plus, 'The Will To Survive' a previously unreleased song recorded during the album’s sessions. 35 tracks in total.

Pantera's website is offering a limited edition, web store exclusive box set. It contains merchandise only available in the band's official web store!

You get: Cowboys from Hell Logo Flask, Belt Buckle Bottle Opener, Cowboys from Hell Exclusive T-Shirt, 4 Piece Guitar Pick Set, Cowboys from Hell 20th Anniversary Expanded CD. All the $hit come in a Texas Shaped Collector box - whoopee (note the sarcasm)!

This however, is totally fu#kin' bogus. There is a CFH 20th Anniversary iTunes LP which was released 09/16/2010! Seriously. I mean, if you're a serious collector, the last thing you want on your stuff is an Apple logo!

If you are interested: (from their site) the iTunes version includes all 35 tracks from Deluxe Edition and videos. Includes rare photos, memorabilia, lyrics, discography & liner notes from all surviving band members.

This next item however takes the cake! Actually it's something I may even consider snapping up. An ultimate edition box set is scheduled for release in November.

As far as the tunes go, well the ultimate set is the same as the Deluxe.

But dude... it's all the collectibles that amount to the $100 price point. And there isn't a man in his right mind who can refuse a box!

Amazon has the UE box set for sale 11/22/2010.

Can't post a write up on CFH, and not include the tune itself! This is from their stop in Russia. DD is awesome as usual! Enjoy.

For F#ck sakes! I sit down to watch that killer video, and some prick steals my three-disc deluxe edition CD set!

You better run for cover mutha fu#ka, cause' "this pistol down below is aimed at you and I'm a Cowboy From Hell"!

Ace ♠

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