Friday, September 10, 2010

Metal Supply - Lemmy Interview

This is Chuck Loesch's write-up/video interview with Lemmy. Total kick-ass material.

To be in the presence of Lemmy is to be in the presence of the most humble metal god that has ever rocked your face off. But you would never know it just sitting with him watching a cop chase show while setting up for this interview.
Chuck sat him down to talk about his upcoming documentary "Lemmy: The Movie" that was premiering that night at SXSW 2010. Not only did Lemmy open up about being embarrassed by the attention but also gave us stories and true words of wisdom. Yes Lemmy, you are God. And you rocked our balls off at the Stubb's show the next day, we have footage to prove it. Chuck also had a chance to talk to co-director/producer Wes Orshoski who gave us the low down on the movie from a director/fan's point of view. Lucky bastard!

Ace ♠


LöstJimmy said...

Thanks for posting this up, good stuff!

Ace said...

Ya Jimmy, I like the way it was produced as well. Very well done.