Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sons of Anarchy

I have featured the work of Bob Kramer & Rat Rod Studios before, however once I saw this new piece I had to post it.

I'm a big fan of Sons of Anarchy and of Kurt Sutter's blog SutterInk.

'Let Freedom Ride' season 3, of the series began on 09/03/10.

Here's a couple more works of gfx art I thought you might enjoy.

Ace ♠


LöstJimmy said...

Good to see you back in black my friend, I trust all is well.

I've been watching Sons over this side of the pond, I was a bit dubious of the idea at first but to be honest anything with Ron Perlman in it gets my vote!

Ace said...

Thanks Jimmy, yes all is well my friend.

Hope you had a great summer. As for 'SOA', ya I would have to agree. In my humble opinion it's like 'Easy Rider' meets 'The Sopranos'.

There was a show (which aired on the CBC) in Canada based on an outlaw motorcycle gang that totally flopped. Canadian producers/writers just don't get it.

Kurt Sutter, is the former co-exec. producer of 'The Shield' (another wicked American show) so that should give you a sense of tone and texture - violent, taut, well written. KICK-ASS!