Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everything Louder Than Everything Else!

I'm still hung over... my clothes smell like day old booze and cigarettes... and I can't hear a f#cking thing! In other words, wow... what a concert! Right out of the gates, the loudest band in the world got down to business. And when your name is Motörhead business is good!

(Picture courtesy Flickr)

Am I surprised, not in the least. The Snaggletoöthed War Pigs have been entertaining low life dregs like myself for decades... that's right decades! The pictures may be from a different venue on the current 'The World is Yours' world tour, but this is how the set and the boys looked in the Peg as well. 

 (Lifted from Flickr)

Even though Lemmy Kilmister, one of rock and roll’s most infamous bad-asses, has been traipsing around the world fronting a band that has built it's reputation on sex, drug and rock and roll for 36 years, the ol' man hasn't missed a beat.

I may be biased (given the name of this blog, my motorcycle and the fact my album/CD collection resembles a Motörhead shrine), but this show may have been the best one I've seen. No $hit!

(Yeah, I stole this pic as well. Sue me - Flickr)

The metal legend... oops God, and his mates, Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell nonchalantly strolled out onto the stage, growled “We are Motörhead, n' we play rock n’ roll,” and then launched right into 'We Are Motörhead', the first of 19 rapid-fire, in-your-face bone crushing tunes.

Want to see what the boys played in the River City, go here setlist.

I was at the bar, pounding doubles for the first two bands; Valient Thorr and Clutch. The lead singer of VT (pictured above) invoked an image of a topless Santa Claus in his rebellious years before he went gray. Yep, the red pants did it for me. I couldn't get the thought of ol' St. Nick working in a rock and roll bands in the off months to pay the bills. Too funny!

Sorry I digress, back to the funny farm! This pictorial view, is very similar to the view I had. Row 13, seats 3 and 4. Right in the middle of the theatre, close to the isle (perfect access to get more booze). The crowd was a mix of young and old. As usual, there were a number of punk rockers sporting deadly Mohawks (the points of their spiked hair would take a guys eye out, they would). Gotta' love punk rockers!

(Picture courtesy Flickr)

The boys took a couple of beer breaks, but for all intents and purpose, they were like a frickn' runaway train! Thundering through the set list, like a bat out a' hell! Phil had his solo after 'Rock Out (with your cock out)'... Mikkey's drum solo was after 'In The Name of Tragedy'.

In all my years on this god-forsaken shit hole of a planet, and all the bands I've seen (and with all due respect to Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor) I've never seen a skin basher who is so 'into' every song he plays.

There is no quit in the guy! The former Dokken and King Diamond drummer is all hair, sticks and noise behind that dual base Sonor kit. F#CKN' AMAZING!

Sadly, the night seemed to whiz by! Before I knew it, they were playing 'The Ace of Spades'. And yes, they closed with 'Overkill'. When will I get a chance to see the Snaggletöothed hellions again? Don't know. But I'm thankful I went... f#ck the way things are going, Lemmy may out live me! \m/

Ace ♠


Ray said...

Saw them in Van city for the 8th time and yes it was great. Great write up dude.

Löst Jimmy said...

How's the ears?

Sounds like a great night out Ace!!

Ace said...

Ray - thank you. I believe I've seen the boys, hmm, at least 6 (7) times and yes they never cease to amaze me.

Thanks for dropping by.

LJ - the ears are fine.. it's the bank account that needs help (I thought I'd outgrown the need to drink myself into oblivion, apparently not!). It was a great night Jimmy. Met a young lass who helped me cap it off in style - "know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.. know what I mean".

Again apologies all around for my lack luster effort in responding to your comments - my life is a whirlwind of shit and chaos!

Take care compadre

Löst Jimmy said...

Beer, Girl and Motorhead...now's that a real night out!!!