Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Killer Yama-bobber

Hi name is Scott Witherspoon, and this is his kick ass 1979 Yamaha XS650.

The fine folks at Lowbrow Customs spotted Scott's 79' on and featured it on their website. Why do I give a rats ass?

Well, the bike features a David Bird hardtail on it (4" stretch, 2" drop looped style), of which they sell at Lowbrow. Kool, but there's more. Scott is from my neck of the woods and when I see a bike prominently featured (in not one but two websites), I'm gonna' give the man props!

From the website: "Some main features of the bike are that it has a wassell style peanut tank, handmade fender made by my dad, previously mentioned David Bird hardtail from Lowbrow Customs, narrowed Biltwell bars, electrics box made from an eBay oil tank kit, 4 ½” bates style headlight, shaved and lowered front forks, pipes made by me, PMA swap and Pamco ignition."

Well done Scott. Hope to see you on the raod... soon!

Ace ♠

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Scott Witherspoon said...

Hey that's my bike! I'm in your neck of the woods? Where you at?Thanks for posting.