Friday, September 23, 2011

Noggin' Protector

Need a new skid lid. Check these beauties out (and more on their site) from Hell Mutts.

From their website: "Our liners are professionally sewn and assembled in the USA. All helmet liners include a custom crown piece made to order. Helmet and liner prices include return shipping. We specialize in relining, restoring, and refurbishing vintage motorcycle and snowmobile helmets."


Here's one example of the amazing work they do. This is a liner they received in the mail. The helmet was in pretty rough shape as well.


Yep, this is the finished product. They've dubbed it 'Captn' America'. Sweet!


From their site: "Every helmet liner is custom made to order by hand with all new foam and material. We make custom liners for all styles of helmets from 1/2 shell to full face, skate board helmets, and vintage war helmets".

Easy Rider • 1969 • Intro by gippo

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