Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rob 'Blasko' Nicholson or Derek Smalls

OK, now that the fog has cleared from the Ozzy concert, I'm starting to recall some of the more humorous moments from that night. This tops the list.

As we were watching the show (we were stage right - left if you're in the audience) and closer to Rob 'Blasko' Nicholson (Ozzy's new bassist) and my buddy says to me "Hey, is it just me or does Ozzy's bassist look like Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap!"

I looked again... and said "Holy F#ck, ya... he does!"

Are we nuts or do you see the similarity as well? C'mon... even if you're the biggest Ozzy/Blasko fan in the world, ya gotta admit... Harry Shearer's (the actor who portrays Smalls), character is all-but Blasko ringer.

Given that this is the Motörheadster  Blog, you should know... Rob includes Lemmy/Motorhead as one of his influences... sadly, not Smalls!

On that note, I leave you with a quote from the man himself.

Derek Smalls: "We're very lucky in the band in that we have two visionaries, David and Nigel. They're like poets, like Shelley and Byron. They're two distinct types of visionaries, it's like fire and ice, basically. I feel my role in the band is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water".

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