Thursday, November 18, 2010

Radical Vintage Front End

Wow! Imagine pullin' up beside this bitchn' scoot at a stop light. Not only is that Ol' Panhead a killer bike with it's gleaming chrome and copper accents, that front end is drop dead, kick-a$$, motha f#ckn' gorgeous!

The crazy custom bike builders at Rooster Custom Cycles (in collaboration with Perse Performance) is about to release this "back-in-the-day" classic suspension with some modern updates.

Aside from the chrome, the first thing that catches your eye is that shock.

Rooster enlisted the engineering department at Penske Motor Sports to hook em' up with a shock for the vintage front end that would allow for a varying degree of riding styles and feels.

And as expected... this back-to-the-future front end will be available to suit any frame configuration.

And you know I wouldn't mention it in the Motörheadster Blog, unless there was a bolt on kit for Sportster models. But it ain't cheap!

The polished stainless steel front end w/ headlight, brake mount and fender straps, just over $5000. If you want it powder coated DOM tube w/ stainless steel components, headlight, brake mount and fender straps, just over $4,000. That front end will put a big hole in your rear end where your wallet sits.

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