Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Johnny Doom & Lemmy

The Home of Metal officially launched it's digital on-line archives website at the South X Southwest 2010 film festival.

Don't know what HOM is all about, here's a snippet & clip from their site:

Home of Metal is a celebration of the music that was created in the West Midlands, its legacy and influence across the world. Bringing people together to share their passion for the music by creating a digital archive, heritage tours, exhibitions and ultimately a permanent collection dedicated to telling the story of Metal and its unique birthplace.

So if you wanted to launch a website or hell, anything else even closely related to Metal for that matter, who would you bring in to hype the kick-off... ya, it's gotta' be Lemmy!

Here's the band's tour bus plastered with HOM ads.

The Motörhead front man and metal icon was interviewed by Kerrang's Jonny Doom at Q&A during the SXSW show and official launch.

Here's more about the digital archive and your chance to contribute to the history of metal music from the Birmingham area.

The Home of Metal digital archive is an opportunity for fans from all corners of the globe to share their passion for Heavy Metal music and contribute stories and memorabilia by uploading images, sound files and film footage.

This snap was taken by Cella I Mira at the Dublin concert.

These photos of Lemmy at the SXSW junket in Austin Texas, were lifted from Nick goes Global. The bottle of Jack and Lem's authentic German military chapeau are killer.

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