Sunday, April 4, 2010

A New Bench Mark

Here's one of those, why didn't someone think of this earlier, ideas.

All right, stop drooling over the hand crafted air cleaner cover, this post isn't about it... but I'll tell you more about it later.

The fine folks at Bench Mark came up with an ingenious idea, for those who convert their factory air cleaner.

These are the beauties I'm talkin' bout'! Frickin' wicked! BM have eliminated the breather hoses and additional filter, and simply machined the the bolts (added a screen and filter) to do the trick.

Their goal was to "clean things up a bit" and this certainly does. They're going to test run them, with production and sales beginning mid 04/2010. They'll be fully machined threaded with stainless housing. They'll be offered in brass or stainless mesh, UNI foam filter & a Stainless cir-clip.

Now back to the air cleaners, $150. Bench Mark has dubbed it "Slinky".
Info from their site:

"AC is a CNC machined aluminum two piece body, adapter plate with stainless steel perf metal, mounting hardware & a UNI Filter foam element. Throw in some hand work and polishing for a little extra soul & there you have it. dimensions 4" X 1 1/2"."

This is their two bolt dimple Slinky ignition cover, $30. It's CNC machined and then "hand massaged (what ever that means) aluminum". The BM logo is on the backside. Here's some more kick a$$ stuff from Bench Mark's on-line Store.

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