Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tiki Treat

I was feeling a little Tiki freaky, and happened across the incredible work of Doug Horne AKA: Swamp Fire Lounge.

The first thing you'll notice (at least I did), was the vibrant colours and what seems to be (at least in the limited number of works I've perused) an alien, puffer fish and monkey theme.

But you won't hear me complaining!

Here's a comment from Doug about his work and his use of colour.

"All of my prints are printed on heavy archival matte paper. I use 7 color ultra chrome inks for a bright clean look, you will not be disappointed with the quality. All editions are signed and numbered by me, the artist, and come with a certificate of authenticity."

Each of Doug's original pieces comes either un-matted or matted with a foam core backing. His work, at least the matted prints, fit in a standard 18" X 24" frame.

Doug has made the cover of Tiki Magazine on a number of occasions, including issue #3 with this piece (above) called 'Atomic Rum'. It was released in the fall/winter of 2005.

Here's another one of Doug's covers for the mag. Want more, check out Tiki Magazine MySpace

Doug Horne's MySpace page is also a great source for his cool Tiki art & culture. Even this hot rod embellishes or at least maintains the Tiki/island influence. Very sweet indeed.

Ace ♠

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