Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Petagno Merch

Whiteline Merchandise, the brainchild of well known artist Joe Petagno, (better known as the man who co-created Motörhead's Snaggletöoth) has released some new merchandise.

This new T is one sweet puppy!

The special limited edition T's (1000 shirts), featuring one of the baddest band logo of all time Sneggletöoth, is called: 'Tip of The Spear'.

The T-shirts number 3 of 4 and feature Petagno's King Snaggletöoth. The crest/shirt is dedicated to the Chosen Few worldwide. sells for $30 EURO or $40 USD.

This shirt, the 'Devils Own' featuring Snaggleöoth is a staple on the site. The Silkscreen beauty sells for $33 EURO or $44 USD.

And when you're leaving the pub, or the scene of the crime, this is what your victims will see. In my HO, the crest on the back is hands down... the coolest out there. That would look SIC on my gas tank! Nice work Joe.

Also new from Joe and Whiteline, Petagno's 'Art on Canvas'. Each print will be hand signed by Joe Petagno before shipping.

That's right all you Snaggletöoth lovers, you can order your very own print to proudly display on your wall (as seen above) and scare off the in-laws and unwanted relatives for years to come.

Choose an image from room 5 (in his gallery) and have it printed on a 2 mm canvas stretch frame ready to hang as it is or to have framed.

They're 40 x 40cm the price $268 EURO or $362 USD. The 40 x 60cm is a little more pricey at $335 EURO or $480 USD.

Joe has also been commissioned to design the logo/artwork for the Copenhell Music Festival 2010.

So, young men and women of the world Uncle Joe needs you! Enlist now and join the Snaggletöoth Army (I'm in, refer to post: Snaggletöoth War Pig Shirt ).


Ace ♠

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