Friday, July 17, 2009

Snaggletöoth War Pig T-shirt

I heard the familiar clank of the mailbox lid and rushed to the door like an anxious and wildly excited five year old on Christmas morning.
All right... actually, the bloody dogs went wild and were barking like banshees when the letter carrier arrived. I awoke, angrily stumbled down stairs but was pleasantly surprised by what I had discovered... it wasn't all bills!

Look what the fe-mailman brought me the other day... my Snaggletöoth War Pig.
It's a special limited edition of the 'Snaggletöoth War pig, Never Say Die' tee.

(click on shirt for an extra-large version)

Wicked! This shirt (of which only 1000 have been printed) features the artwork of Joe Petagno. Yup, the same guy who did the majority of Motörheads album, sleeve and CD covers.

(click on the pic to link to Joe's site)

Joe Petagno's clothing line is called Whiteline Merchandise and features more than just shirts.

Uhhh... but Joe didn't just send the Snaggletöoth he also included these cool postcards!

Wow, that's an in-your-face postcard if I've ever seen one.

Here's a look at the certificate or tag of authenticity.

I ordered the shirt on July 6th and it looks like mine is number 52. Total cost with shipping $50.

The back of the T is bold and yet defiant in it's simplicity.

Love it.

Here's a couple more tight shots of the front.

That shirt & logo is f%#kn' sic!! Here's a nice tight of one of those postcards.

If you see one of these in your mailbox around Christmas, run like hell! Either I've forewarned you I'm on my way with a 40 of Crown, or some guy with a black hooded long coat and a sickle is about to pay you a visit.
Either way... the next day you'll be in a whole lot a' pain!
Ace ♠

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