Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Horse Calendar

It's here! The Horse Backstreet Chopper 2011 Calendar!

This will set you back $20 dollars US. Foreign/Canadian customers need to add another $10. Click on here to order.

Knockout Choppers has a unique saying, "Live it! Don't just dream about it".

And their new 2011 calendar provides all the material you need, to dream about what life is worth living for.

The Knockout Motorcycles calendar features 13 hotties on 13 killer scoots! Oh did I mention they're all nude? According to KM, sales are brisk the boys are already talking about a second print run and planning next years calendar.

Oh, I can't forget about The 2011 Iron & Lace Custom Motorcycle and Centerfold Model Calendar.

For a copy, which costs $16.95, just go to Fastdates.com. There are more calendars out there (Zero Engineering is my fave!) but I thought I'd profile a couple of new ones this year.

Ace ♠


LöstJimmy said...

Bloody Hell look at that 'ice racer'!! Imagine flat racing with that ice hugging beauty!!!
The accompanying birds ain't bad either eh!?

Ace said...

Jimmy - I do recall writing a post about that bike, but I can't seem to find it. I believe it's built by a German company, brothers if I'm not mistaken. Oh, and the hotties rock as well.