Monday, November 15, 2010

A Sportster Cafe

It's about time some one offered up a kit like this.

Check it, a Sportster Cafe frame kit with available tank, seat and all the extras you'll need to mock-up you're own knee-scraping cafe bad boy. Awesome!

The fine craftsmen/women at J.W. Motorcycles spent months planning and designing the frame kits for the solid mount Harley Evo Engine.

The frames are made from T45 tubing. The frame (and what you see pictured above) weigh in at 14.75 kg. The headstock is machined to accept Sportster yokes using taper bearings and the rake is 26 degrees.

How about this for foresight. One of the options available is an aluminium oil tank/battery box. OK, that's f#ckin' killer. Why? Well if you've ever tried to build a scoot from the ground-up... well there are no "options" available. And in this application, it's a necessity!

For those with a belt drive no problem. Or if you want to convert to a sprocket, well it'll allow you to use any number of rear wheels. Although I'm not sure you'd want to go much wider than 180mm?

You have a choice of three tanks. A 5 gallon manx, 3.5 gallon manx or the sprint (shown above). You can also see the headstock and Sporty yoke/tree in this pic.

You can also choose between two different fibreglass seat units.


And finally some inspiration, for those brave enough to make reservations and order off the menue for the J.W. Motorcycles' cafe.

Ace ♠

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