Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the Mood for some Stripin'

Recently I have been indulging my artistic side, venturing forth into the mystic world of pinstriping.

Whether it be an accent stripe down the side of a car, a classic ol' skool job or a complex mural... pinstripes can make a scoot/vehicle stand out from the crowd.

While vinyl is fine (I used plastic on the Motörheadster), I have always been attracted to the look of paint when it comes to pinstripes and murals.

The smooth edges give a more finished look... while the slight imperfections in line width, or variances in symmetry, portray the artistry of the person applying it. Their own signature or stamp of artistry you might say.

I lifted these pics from the Flickr page Red, Black & White.

That my friends, is sweeeet! Vinyl, I think not.

Ace ♠

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