Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AD/DC Concert

For those about to rock... we salute you!

I'm stoked! Pumped! It's been years since AC/DC hit town and I can't frick'n wait.

Every hour I run downstairs to the kitchen to look at my AC/DC tickets, just to make sure their still there.

The concert is August 22/09 at the Stadium. And from what I understand, (I've been reading a ton of AC/DC concert reviews on-line) it should be one hell of a show! Two plus hours of pure, unabashed Rock & Roll from the brothers Young!

This will be (approximately) the view that I'll have from my seats. My tickets (even though I won't be sitting) are on the floor, row nineteen, three from the 'T' stage.


A big thanks to Ian from 'Live Nation' and Tim for snagging me such prime tickets.

Of course T.K. and his boy's as well as BQ and the rest of the gang will be there. And Eric & Trace... they're all totally jacked to see the boys from down under!

Need a preview:

Here's a YouTube video from the Black Ice World Tour, Sunday, October 26, shot from the first few rows of a show at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

This is what we'll see the curtain goes up. The first song: 'Rock & Roll Train'. But I love the intro as well.

This is a recent concert review from Chris High.

Here's a website I stumbled across from Budapest Hungry, 'The Monsters of Rock Black Ice Tour', with a great photo gallery.

Apparently, Tommy Lee isn't the only musician to use a hydraulic platform in a concert.

I hope we see this. Angus, thirty feet in the air, live... wicked!

Are you ready for a good time.... I am!

Ace ♠

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