Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sneakers & Flannel

It was said without malice. It was not an insult, nor was it said in jest. It was simply one persons opinion. An observation.

As I pulled into work, parked and got off the bike, my friend (co-worker and fellow biker) Glenn was leaving the building and heading to his truck. He looked over to me and simply stated "You're lookin' West Coast".

He was referring to my choice of riding apparel.

I believe he had this guy in mind. I didn't know what to say.

I've never really thought about what I wear when I'm on my bike, except to say that... I'll wear what I want, when I want.

For me, it all depends on the conditions with which I'll be riding in (not what's fashionable in the so-called "biker world").

what anyone thinks... or about what anyone else is wearing. However, Glenn's friendly comment got me thinking (insert joke here).

I don't have a particular style and I certainly don't have riding gear set aside that I religiously wear (IE: leather jacket, riding boots, neoprene face mask, gloves, chaps/pants and a black H-D shirt).

Not that there's anything wrong with that. To each his own, people can wear what they want. I don't care. And I certainly wouldn't tell 'The Gent' what to wear. He'd kick my a$$.

My fashion tastes (or lack there of) come from being raised in a northern pulp & paper town and my love of metal, tattoos, NASCAR, 18-wheelers, motorcycles and skateboarding.

That means; jeans & jean jacket, T-shirts, runners, boots, my chain wallet and flannel.

Al Borland flannel, I don't think so Tim.

Jessica Simpson... maybe.

I wonder if any of these guys are from my home town?

My favourite clothing lines, to my wife's displeasure, include:

'Lucky 13', 'Hart & Huntington' and 'Miami Ink'. Let's not forget any Motorhead t-shirt in my closet. (Refer to blog post '1983 Motorhead T-shirt')

As for footwear, when I ride I love wearing my sneakers.
I have worn high top Chucks since Jr. High School.

I haven't had a pair for a couple of years and finally picked some up. Man did I miss em'.

Oh, uh... I guess I'm not the only one who prefers sneakers.

Uh... and flannel.

Some may think I'm stupid for not wearing riding apparel that would offer me some protection against the elements, or heaven forbid, a nasty spill onto asphalt.

Oh contraire my friend.

I have both a heavy leather jacket (which is well padded) as well as an FXR leather Velocity jacket (more armour than a knight of King Arthur's).

When the weather goes to crap, I own a pair of CAT shoes as well as a pair of boots (and rain gear). You may also know (if you seen the post 'Out for a Rip on the Motorheadster') that I own a Jockey helmet (I have several others).

Let me be real clear, this post is in no way an apology or an explanation and I certainly don't need to defend my choices. To reiterate, Ill frick'n wear what's comfortable... yes even shorts! GASP! OMG!

I ain't tyrin' to please anyone. I left peer pressure back in high school. So... if I happen to look like this guy on my bike, so be it!

At least I'm ridin'. That's more than I can say for some posers in their Harley shirts, black waffle jackets and leather boots (and no bike).

For some reason... I don't think this guy qualifies as a wanna-be.

I do have a confession to make. I actually own a Harley-Davidson shirt. It's a sleeveless twenty year old classic that I've never, ever worn riding. I wear it under my hockey equipment.

Yup... stinks to high heaven.

PS - I forgot to mention, I'll soon be adding another gauge on the bike. It's called an IDGAF gauge. It's for those people with big mouths and free flowing opinions. If I have to explain the acronym, no offense, but you just don't get it!

Ace ♠

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