Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ride for Eternity

Ti's the season for poker runs and derby's, weekend rides and rallies.

Now, I'm not one to complain (because no one's listening) however, my shoulders are a little sore. You see, I was invited to take part in a charity ride a few days ago. Man what a great day, but it was the first one of the year for me and I guess I'm not in riding shape yet.

The bike is washed, fueled and ready to go. Let's ride boys. It was a cold morning and that means, gloves, ski pants, hoodies and my fanny pack full of all the necessities. It was the 8th Annual Ride for Eternity Motorcycle Rally. Just over one hundred bikes (of every make and model) on 3 different routes, riding through a local Provincial park.

Here are a few pics from our second fuel stop, it also gave a us a chance to stretch our legs. I don't know if you've ever been involved with a rally like this.. but there are always all kinds of fun ways to pass the time on the ride. There was a bug splatter contest, which was new this year.

You could purchase sticky notes for $5. The more bugs that hit the sticky, the better your chances are of winning. Cool.

Here we are at Seven Sister Falls where we stopped for lunch which is bout' half way through the ride.

It was a BBQ at Whiteshell Baptist Church another $5. It hit the spot and we're ready for more saddle sores.

One to two hours later... and we're at the end of the ride pulling into the parking lot at Birds Hill Provincial park.

(Here are just some of the great lookn' bikes and a really nice gfx/paint job on this full face)

From here we made our way to the Shalom Church hall. Supper by Danny's Whole Hog and music by The Pacemakers.

A couple hundred clicks on the Motorheadster, two or three fuel stops, some incredible scenery and few hundred dead bugs later and it was all over. But well worth it.

A big thanks to Steve Paulson as well as Nick (his right hand man).

Steve & Margaret Paulson

And all the folks at FXR.

Did I mention my shoulders are sore... ya never mind. Oh, and I already have a topic for my next post.

When I pulled into the parking lot at the hall, I realized my left turn signal was dangling from it's bracket. It snapped right off.

And it's some what of a coincidence, because I have also received a few queries about how I mounted the signals. So, it'll give me a chance to show the guys how I fabricated the bracket.


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