Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lemmy on LA Ink

Ya... it's a few months old but so what!

I missed this TLC episode and I just thought if you love tattoos and didn't see Lemmy's appearance on LA Ink, well here it is. I don't really care what people think of Kat Von D., it's the fact that Lemmy popped in for a touch up to his tatts, that I wanted to see.

You may remember when Kat was a regular on Miami Ink, she would on occasion wear a Motorhead (albeit some what modified) t-shirt.

I wasn't sure if she was a fan or simply a poser looking for an in with the metal/punk crowd. I have since learned she must be a fan because Kat has produced a second Musink festival, this time featuring Motorhead.

Here's the link:

Motörhead, Social Distortion tour with Kat Von D's 2009 Musink Festival

Whatever, it's Lemmy in the flesh between tour dates and that's all that frick'n matters!

OK, If you've already seen it I've also posted an article featuring Lemmy from Inked Magazine. This interview is actually quite good, I really enjoyed reading it. One of the best question, and I don't believe any other reporter has ever asked this one, was if he ever hooked up with a porn star.

Take a peek.


On the topic, here's a great tattoo of Lemmy, inked by Cecil Porter.


Speaking of tattoos, a ton of the band's fans have sent in pictures of their Motorhead tatts. If you haven't already, you can check 'em out here (it's a direct link), at Motorhead's website.


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